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PC Beta First Impressions



  • AnirethAnireth Member UncommonPosts: 940
    So, small group MMO. small group "massive" multiplayer online. I know there have been games like Little Big Planet, and there is our favorite miniature giant space hamster, but what is wrong with calling it FPS, RPG, ARPG, multiplayer game.. or any of the other terms that describe it and that are established since 20 year or more?

    Besides, most MMOs actually feature rather small groups, except for some dungeons (which many call "raid" for no apparant reason).

    Even glorious™ WoW features mostly 5 man groups. And multi-group content may be featured in The DIvision, too.

    Is the game so bad that you need to make up new terms to make it look like it it offers a fresh experience, instead of delivering the same old?

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  • corvascorvas Member UncommonPosts: 151
    I dont know why people trash this game, alot of stuff wasnt in beta yet that comes in the game, the story missions stops after the first mission, roaming AI arent alot in this beta, especially in the DZ but will be in release and the area you walk in is just a very small part of the complete map, these are just a few complains people have.

    also the complain about that this game has a console feeling over it is because it has been build as a console only game at the start of the development and has been ported to PC later on, but if you have 2 monitors you can actually move alot of the UI to the second monitor and use that and keep a clean UI on your main monitor and you cant do that if you are on a console, be glad they ported it to the PC otherwise we would complain about that now.

    All i can say on the time i played the Beta is that i love it all the way to the end, the scene is nice, the controls and ui are easy and clean and still show everything you need to see, the combat is very very nice and the cover system has been very well developed (besides the jump part, you can only vault over stuff and jumping isnt in the game).

    Crafting and base building werent actually in the game yet (sort of) but you could get blueprints for stuff while doing sidemissions and find materials all over the world, so i think we would have to check the crafting out as soon as possible, and for base building, you can build up to 2 parts of your base (medical wing and quarantine) and then 1 of the 3 wings is on 20% so thats just a small part of the complete base you can have and not sure if they will bring in a sort of clan base on release or maybe later after release but i think they are busy with that aswell.

    so for a Beta with all its constrictions its a big 8/10, not looking at the community flaws (KoS in DZ, camping the extraction zone), and all the restrictions like alot of people are doing atm.

  • RoinRoin Member RarePosts: 3,407
    tawess said:
    Good news everybody. 

    Seems to be aopen beta coming in a few weeks... So then everyone can test it. =) 

    OB you say? Smells more like a stress test lol.

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  • Sassy_Gay_UnicornSassy_Gay_Unicorn Member UncommonPosts: 316
    How is the story? 
  • corvascorvas Member UncommonPosts: 151
    How is the story? 
    cant really say, you only see a small part of it and it feels like World War Z or I Am Legend kinda setting, it feels better then other games in this genre but in beta only seen Looters/Raiders no Zombies or sort ... 
  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,207
    Roin said:
    tawess said:
    Good news everybody. 

    Seems to be aopen beta coming in a few weeks... So then everyone can test it. =) 

    OB you say? Smells more like a stress test lol.
    Both this and the next weekend are indeed stress tests. But if people go and serach fr the division stress test they will not find anything. So i used what Ubi called it- 

    Any way... It is open... So everyone can enjoy it. =)

    This have been a good conversation

  • GruugGruug Member RarePosts: 1,754
    Loved the beta. Played solo, with friends, in the DZ, out in the regular world. All was fun. While I do have concerns about the ease of ganking folks in the DZ, I think that players could police this pretty easily. Put in somewhere north of 20 hours and left with a huge desire to see more.

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  • blamo2000blamo2000 Member RarePosts: 1,120
    acidblood said:
    blamo2000 said:
    Most of that ...scroll wheel.

    Thank you for the reply and information.
  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel Member EpicPosts: 10,955
    corvas said:
    How is the story? 
    cant really say, you only see a small part of it and it feels like World War Z or I Am Legend kinda setting, it feels better then other games in this genre but in beta only seen Looters/Raiders no Zombies or sort ... 
    Not sure if we see zombies much in this one... but maybe something like them.  You have different types of "factions" they also have a few shows on amazon, and I think on their site as well that tries to explain some of the story.. I watched one episode.. it was kind of hard to follow a little.  Seemed fairly low budget.

    That being said, I don't anticipate it being an incredibly in depth story.. even remotely close to what BioWares games or even GW2 has to offer, but it does have some depth - such as cell records and mini investigations that will tell stories that can lead you into finding "secrets" and things of that nature.  There are also collections you can pickup which will also open up small parts of the story as you get them all.

  • kumobladekumoblade Member UncommonPosts: 86
    Wait. Did the individual who wrote the article seriously say this was ubisofts first mmo?

    Try again.
    Shadowbane was ubisofts first published mmo.
  • a6point6a6point6 Member UncommonPosts: 44

    mmoguy43 said:

    Roin said:

    Baitness said:

    Roin said:

    This game looks cool right up until a guy wearing a t-shirt soaks up 3 magazines of 7.62x39. Sorry, but I work in Afghanistan, so I can tell you that looks comically ridiculous. There is a way to make a game like this interesting without making the bad guys simply eat a hundred rounds of ammunition before dying.

    If you want a straight up shooter this game isn't for you. If you are looking for a game that drops the RPG element I recommend checking out Black Ops 3 or one of the many other shooters.

    While that is solid advice, I also am finding that kind of design unappealing.  It seems really difficult to make bullet-sponge gameplay enjoyable, and this is not the first game to use this approach to combine RPGs and shooters (destiny, borderlands).

    Not that I have a better solution, mind you.  I will watch some twitch after it comes out, but this one may not be for me.  I just wish there was a better way to do these RPG shooter hybrids.

    Yeah it's a love it or hate thing. Some people really don't like RPG elements mixed into their game type. I can't think of a good cover based shooter off top of my head. Outside of the Gears of War series.

    There really needs to be more cover based shooters. Big shooter fan but the one thing that has always bothered me. Not being able to take proper cover, or lean up against a wall to peek around corners.

    I get where he is coming from. The Division has a genuine look and feel of other shooters. Also, since it is set in the near future you kind of expect that there is a low time to kill as other shooters. But the more you play the more you realize how much RPG it is, unloading multi mags in elite npcs or well geared players. It was just harder to accept than in the sci-fi shooters like Borderlands, Defiance, etc.

    Maybe at launch when news comes out of what you can do instead of the demo-beta constantly reminding you what you can't, I'll take another look. For now, I'll wait.

    It is a sci-fi shooter
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