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Is it dead? Is it crap?



  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 30,938
    Wizardry said:
    There were three shows in order that i rarely ever missed,Star Trek,Ultraman and Lost in Space ..yeah shoot me,i was just a kid.

    I thought Star Trek and Lost in space where great! Never saw Ultraman as a kid. Star Trek still holds up and Lost in Space "can" if one is in the right mindset.
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  • ktanner3ktanner3 Member UncommonPosts: 4,063
    I was someone who was looking forward to this game and was so disappointed when it launched. To say the game has grown since then is an understatement. It launched with just two factions and the Federation was the only one to have any PVE. And a lot of that was repetitive and boring. Klingons had no storyline at all and was mostly PVP. The space combat was fun to me because it was similar to Starfleet Command, a game series I always enjoyed. But ground combat was terrible with the most jerky and unresponsive movement I have ever seen in a game. It's clear that the game was so rushed that the engine wasn't properly completed. Then after seeing the horrible way their moderators treated players who had issues I quit. 

    Checked back into it recently and holy cow has the game changed for the better. Klingons now have a decent story to play through as well as Romulans and Dominion. That horrible astrometrics view of space is now something I don't have to switch off since I guess they figured out that most players would prefer to see their ship flying in dark space instead of all those lines. Moving on the ground is still horrible, but I guess only a rework of the engine will fix it and that ain't happening. The missions have far more variety than before and I've had a blast role playing as a starfleet captain. Only issue I have so far is there is a LOT of new stuff thrown at you that takes a while to figure out. The traits feature was something I only recently discovered and the duty assignments I still haven't figured out how it works. But it's no big deal. I'm in no rush. 

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  • KnightFalzKnightFalz Member EpicPosts: 3,495
    Wizardry said:
    Sal1 said:
    It's not dead and it's not crap. Sign on and play and see. If you love any of the Star Trek shows and movies you will have fun in this game.
    I highly doubt ANYONE on this site was a bigger trekkie than me.I used to run home from school just in time to catch it on tv every single day.There were three shows in order that i rarely ever missed,Star Trek,Ultraman and Lost in Space ..yeah shoot me,i was just a kid.
    I think they might of actually still been in black n white but my memory is not good enough to remember that transition,that's over 50 years ago.

    There was a couple others shows i watched religiously,Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Land of the giants.

    The 60's was a great time to be a kid watching TV.We had all the Ray harryhausen stuff as well,great movies for their time.

    Long story short,you have no idea how disappointed i was  first stepping into STO,i was beyond angry at how lazy a game design it was.It sent such a message to me that i still remember the exact point i logged out of the game for good.I came up to an elevator and there wasn't even an elevator,all you did was click the door.I was like wtf is this crap,i could make a moving elevator for them in like 10 minutes.

    I watched Star Trek in it's initial run, and all the rest save Ultraman. Some of Lost in Space was in black and white. Another I watched and enjoyed was Time Tunnel.

    STO may not show turbolifts properly, but they otherwise have a huge amount of content with a very strong Star Trek feel to it. You threw out the baby with the bathwater there.
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