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New PVP/RP Server with MMO settings

CeraphimCeraphim Member UncommonPosts: 21


I. Intro

Covenant of the Phoenix is excited to announce the opening of our new PVP/RP server.   This server is fresh as of 1/29/16.  Come make your land claims now!!

Our server intends to be preparation for the upcoming LiF: MMO beta.  So with that, all the server settings have been set to the MMO settings other than the skill point cap.

This server will have active GM’s that will uphold the rules of the server and will put on exciting events for players and villages.  We are very open to suggestions regarding different events that might interest the player base

We hope that you enjoy your stay on our server.

Server Settings:  (All settings are the same as the MMO will have other than the skill point cap)

SkillCap: 2000

SkillMultiplier: x1

Animal Breeding and Feeding Period: 60

Animal Count: 100

Crafting Period: 60

Day Cycle: 3

Terraforming Speed: .8

Decay Rate: 1

Max Player: 64

JH (Judgement Hour): Will be put in after the server has been up for a couple weeks.  We will track the server activity and than have a vote on the JH times.

You are only allotted one character slot at this time.

Please click this link to see our server rules.

Contact Skywise here on the LIF forums or at for any questions related to membership or alliances.

II. Community
Covenant of the Phoenix is an international gaming community that maintains high standards of game play and tactical pvp while still maintaining a close-knit family atmosphere.

The guild was established in 1997 on the Great Lakes server of Ultima Online and was founded on the principles of loyalty, honor, and brotherhood and thrives because on-line adventure games are more fun in the company of kindred spirits. We have consistently been involved in many of the most active MMORPG PvP servers, including AC's Darktide, SWG's Bloodfin, AOC's Doomsayer, Darkfall's EU and NA servers as well as PvP servers in Rift, SWTOR, Vanguard, CoV, EVE, Wurm, ArcheAge and PFO among many many others.


Since it’s inception, CotP has branched out into a wide variety of MMOs and other games. Visit our site to see all the games we are playing. We also run servers for FPS games, BF4, Space Engineers and Life is Feudal.

We are much more than just a guild, we are a family. The community is very active in the management of the guild and the website. All members are viewed as equals and are not considered just another number.

Our membership ranges in age from teens to the late sixties and geographically spans the globe (although most are adults residing in the North American continent).

Most of us have jobs or college commitments and families, and therefore we support the premise that real-life has priority over game-life. That doesn't mean we don't do our best to be among the top pvp guilds in every game we play, we often are... it just means that we don't set any ridiculous requirements for our members to live up to. Gaming should be fun, not work!
III. Guild Focus
We have a good mix of gaming styles from the casual to the hard-core, with our focus being to provide opportunities for all our members to participate in end-game events. We plan to be involved in all facets of game-play and provide support to our members in whatever path they choose to follow.

We don't force members to raid or play "x" amount of hours per week. Our community has an established and sustainable mix of style, talent and ability which allow us to accomplish our goals without burning out any particular group.

If you are interested in joining more than just a guild, in joining a family, then check us out at: or contact Throne here on the LIF forums.


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