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LF Leveling Partner/Group for an MMO

ValandaarValandaar Member UncommonPosts: 4

Hey guys, die hard MMO fan looking to call a new game my home. I'm an oldschool MMO player that started playing during retail vanilla WoW, and played up until the end of WOTLK when the game started to go downhill. I've liked MMOs more than any other genre, and more specifically enjoyed the hardcore grouping aspect of them (raids and dungeons, some PvP). I also really enjoy the social environment of talking with tons of people and having to do group content as apposed to solo, and instead of just solo queuing in a city. There's something about communicating with 19-39 other people and progressing through difficult raid content that makes me yearn for more.


I have lots of free time, and have been looking for a new MMO to call my permanent home.  I'm looking to pick up a game that has great PvE (dungeons and raids) and is more of an oldschool group required  MMO and not the newer solo everything easy types. After further research, I'm considering Rift or Wildstar since I haven not played either, and have heard both have hard and challenging raids and PvE. 

I play MMOs for the social and competitive aspect, so I'm looking for another like minded individual or group to delve into a game, and experience it all the way to endgame. I'm by no means rushing to endgame, but won't be crawling there slowly.. Once at endgame, my goal is to join a hardcore/semi-hardcore raiding guild and start progressing. If anyone's interested, shoot me a PM here and we can hop on my voice chat server and discuss further.


I'm going to be here for the long haul (I hate game hopping), am very active, and am experienced with MMO game mechanics and raiding. Because of this, I'm a really fast learner and wish to put all of my effort into becoming a player and raider in this new game. Have a mic aswell.

Play times are

Weekdays:  6pm - 1am CST

Weekends: All day


I was planning on playing on Rift or Wildstar, since they seem like the most active MMOs out right now with strong group and PvE content. I could be persuaded to play other games that I haven't yet, possibly. They need to have great group and raid content. PM me on here, or respond bellow if you are interested in either of these games. Hope to meet some of you guys soon!


  • vonryan123vonryan123 Member UncommonPosts: 277
    TBH rift might be your best bet between the 2. Personally I didn't find Wildstar to be much more then a solo lvling mmo like most. Either way best of luck I too suffer from actually wanting to play mmo's with people......crazy I know....

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