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Feedback to Trion and Ginno: ways of improving the game

DMKanoDMKano Member LegendaryPosts: 21,199
So my guild has been playing this since launch and I will post the collective thoughts here:

- leveling to to 52 has a nice and casual pace, its easy and relaxing
- gearing up post 52 has major pacing problems as it feels very uneven going from falling star -> butchery -> tragedy
- resistance potion gearing up (azaleas the bane of every Devilian players existance)
- artifact progression

Details with problems and suggestions:

Currently there is a huge overabundance of falling star gear, upon reaching level 52 every player simply buys a full set from the auction house for a about 5-10gold total cost.

 This is where the problem starts - butchery gearing up takes a long time due to RNG. The addition of butchery soul drops from Hell dungeon bosses was a step in the right direction but it would be nice to be able to salvage full falling star sets for a few butchery souls - yes an entire set. This would remove the overabundance and would speed up butchery process a bit.

Once in full butchery (or at item score 954) its time to leave hell dungeons and start on Agony Device Archdevil dungeons for Tragedy gear.

Boom - your entire group gets smashed by the first trash pull and you feel absolutely demotivated. After weeks of grinding for butchery you cant believe how hard Agony Device is - why?

The game should put in suggested requirments beyond a simple gear score954 number - like suggested HP and DPS brackets - if your damage is below 5k, and you are under 20k hp dont even try.

Once you are able to do Agony Device guess what - tragedy gear drops like candy! This makes no sense, you struggle to get there and once you do its way too easy to get.

Poor pacing again.

Which brings us up to resistance potions - so Devilian dungeons tell you what type of damage you are up against and what suggested resistance you should have - very nice BUT to craft resistance potions you need Wild Azaleas..... And LOTS of them (over 750 for tier 3 resistance, and a dungeon run might only net you 1 or 2 times)

Here is a major problem - wild azaleas only come from level 30ish dungeons at level 52 and low level hunting grounds (terrible drop rate). So here we have a mechanic of level 52 characters facerolling level 32 dungeon (Ruined Citadel) over a 100 times where you are one shotting entire swarms of mobs - why?

Suggestions - add wild azaleas drops to Hell dungeons, also allow the exchange of misteye tokens/invasion tokens for a few azaleas. Also yes - add azaleas to the cash shop, my entire guild would buy this crafting component to reduce the utter tedium of facerolling low dungeons over 100 times.

Finally gems and artifact progression - this is pretty challenging and rewarding but there is one obvious flaw - we can combine lower level gems into higher ones but WHY cant we break down higher level gems into lower level with some loss?

Currently many are struggling with G3 gems but have a lot of G4s just sitting in their inventory - suggestion - allow higher gems breakdown to one lower gems with some loss.

That is all for now.

Thanks for reading.
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