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Thieves Guild - First Look - Elder Scrolls Online

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 3,129
edited January 2016 in Videos Discussion

imageThieves Guild - First Look - Elder Scrolls Online

Watch our Thieves Guild teaser for a first look at the upcoming DLC game pack for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

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  • TokkenTokken Member RarePosts: 2,236
    not much of a tease.
    Make PvE GREAT Again!
  • MisterZebubMisterZebub Member LegendaryPosts: 3,584
    Ok wait ... is stealing a giant mutant snapping turtle hellbeast part of the thieves guild quests?

    "You have kept me at your beck and call for fifteen years. I shall never again do what you demand of me. By every rule of single combat, from this moment your life belongs to me. Is that not correct? Then I shall simply declare you dead. In all of your dealings with me, you'll do me the courtesy to conduct yourself as a dead man. I have submitted to your notions of honor long enough. You will now submit to mine."

  • BalianWolfieBalianWolfie Member UncommonPosts: 233
    Every frame is so quick, I couldn't tell if it's a teaser, or a test on my short term memory.

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