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Like a our namesake upon its silken web, sensing every shift and disruption, we Spiders are aware of everything. Nothing can hide from us. The king's favorite dish, your neighbor's dark secret, or even where to find a long lost treasure, the Spiders can find any of these. For a commission, our organization will uncover any secret required by our client. Nothing is beyond our reach to find. Nothing.

Our Services:

Information Gathering - The finding of a certain piece of knowledge that has seemed to allude you. This does not mean we will research new designs or crafting recipes. But if the information is already in the world, we will find it.

Smuggling - Using our network of informants and agents we can and will find a way to move your cargo from one place to another despite any resistance that might come its way.

Client Finder/Fencing - If you have found or made something that you wish to sell, but are unsure of who to approach, our agents shall track down the right client for you.

Espionage - Some of our more specialized members can be hired to sabotage and steal. We will not kill, but if the price is right we might find a way for your assassin to enter the king's bed chamber.

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All members of the Spiders are responsible for protecting the secrets that we garner. If ever a member ever reveals the secrets of the guild without the permission of their superior they shall endure extreme consequences befitting their transgression.

Within the Spiders you will find that the guild structure is quite simplistic.


The foot-soldiers of the Spinners, Webblings are those within the guild who have learned the subtle arts of espionage, infiltration and reconnaissance. They are tasked by their respective Spinner to find a certain piece of information and bringing it back to the guild. Webblings are paid by their Spinner for services rendered to the guild; whether that is spying on the inner council meeting of the king, or finding a secret route through the mountains between two warring nations.


The many faces of the Spider, Spinners are the figures behind the scenes who follow one strand of information to another in order to create vast webs that shall become the guild's intelligence network. Receiving information from their subordinates, Spinners catalog and report all their findings to the Spider. In return they are compensated every time the information they have provided is used, sold, or otherwise accessed by a client of the guild.

-The Spider-

The de facto leader of the guild, the Spider compiles all the information gathered by both the Webblings and Spinners into a single comprehensive library. From this library, the Spider plucks information on any relevant subject that clients of the guild require. If the Spider's Library lacks the information required, a Spinner will be contracted to bring it back.

Chronicles of Elyria is quickly picking up, and as more guilds, nations and even cults form within it, the difficulty of knowing everything just increases. We are the seekers of knowledge that not even the locked door shall keep away for long. We are the Spiders. If you think you can hide something from us for long, you are woefully mistaken.

Join the Spiders and become a part of the most comprehensive information sink in Chronicles of Elyria. Those who prove they are adept at infiltration and secret finding shall be greatly rewarded. And as your own network of spies grows so to does your power!

Our Facebook Page Link (Where you can submit petitions for our services in private via message)

The Spider's direct email for messages that need to be kept especially private. [email protected]

Click Here to Join Chronicles of Elyria's largest Spy Network
The Spider's direct email for messages that need to be kept especially private. [email protected]
Our Facebook Page Link

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