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ESO & Digital Sharing on Console (PS4)

CrazKanukCrazKanuk Member EpicPosts: 6,130
So I got my ESO account converted to console when they released it. I really haven't played it all that much, but my son has his own PS4 and is set up as my secondary console, meaning he can download and play my digitally downloaded games. However, he hasn't been able to do this with ESO for some reason. I've looked online and it seems like some people have had success. Can anyone confirm they've had success with PS4 in a similar configuration? Like across 2 consoles? He's able to play on my account on his console, but then PSN boots me from my account on my own console. 

Also, since he's already been playing it, if I can get him going on his own account, do they offer paid player transfers? 

Thanks in advance for the help!


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