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What is Skyforge / My.com really up to?



  • zaberfangxzaberfangx Member UncommonPosts: 1,796
    TerisBlue said:
    Okay, guys just go to Skyforge.com if you are worried about any link.  Honestly, any link on any website can redirect you without you knowing and do a drive by download of malware.  It's the age we live in.

    As far as Skyforge being potentially used by Russia to build a database on me, there is much easier ways to get my information than spending countless hours developing gaming content to take it.  Throw up a porn site and you will have more information in your database than you can handle after a week. 

    I've been playing Skyforge for about six months.  If they want to track my data I hope they see want an awesome knight I've become in the game and if they are going to steal anything, take it from that damn gunner that is OP and keeps killing me in PvP.

    The site tells you when you go there that they use cookies and you have to accept them but so does Black Desert online, so does every other website out there, at least those two companies are being upfront about it.
    Check your cookies folder and you will see many site you go too drop there cookies with out asking.
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