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xXScourgeXx (Separatists) is Recruiting

KillbaneKillbane Member UncommonPosts: 23

About Us: 
Our Corp is just starting out and ready to grow in a great alliance. We are a extremely active PVP alliance based in Oulley, 1 jump from FW, 1 jump from high and 2 jumps from null which offers a ton of content, from frig/cruiser fun roams to BS/T3/HAC fights to BLOP Drops and Titan Hotdrops. Pilots seeking low drama, high adrenaline, solid leadership, constant content, proper alliance comms, and a knowledgeable base of chilled players should apply.

Recent fights:

Alliance Killboard

Applicants must be able to fly one or more of the following:

• T1 Cruiser, Battlecruiser or Battleship with a T2 tank

In addition, other pilots looking to fly the following ships:

• Logi (Guardians)
• T3 Cruisers
• HACs: Sacrilege and/or Deimos and/or Zealot and/or a Vigilant
• Force Recons (Combat Recons)
• Carriers: Slowcat Archons/Triage
• Dreads (especially wanted): Moros, Naglfar, Revelation (Phoenix only pilots * need not apply) 
• Supers: Nyx, Aeon, Avatar, Erebus 


• Regular 24/7 Fleets. 
• Highly experienced FC's 
• Comprehensive SRP for alliance operations for doctrine fits, including capitals. 
• Logistic Support Channels. Get your stuff moved with ease. 
• NBSI and a very very small blue list 
• Joint Operations 
• Logi and Support ships provided for Alliance Ops 
• Fun and friendly people. We kill and purge drama queens. 
• PVP and even more PVP! 
• TS Comms

Pilots must be:

• Willing to go -10 
• Able to to follow FC instructions 
• Financially Independent 
• Generally mature 
• Regularly Active but real life comes first. 
• Use Teamspeak with mic  


Solo play is for off-line players.


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