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player vs player question

Jd1680aJd1680a Member Posts: 398

does guild wars have player vs player?  if so what kind is it, is it consental pvp?  is there a server you could go on that doesnt have pvp?



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  • ZeausZeaus Member Posts: 222

    PvP is done in certain areas. You have arenas where you fight in either 4v4 teams or 8v8 teams.

    There is also guild fights where you fight an 8 player guild and have to storm their keep.

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  • VotanVotan Member UncommonPosts: 291

    For pvp see the above post.  There is only one "server" everyone plays on. 

  • tablotablo Member UncommonPosts: 40

    PvP is very enjoyable in guild wars.::::31::

  • ArdsrangerArdsranger Member Posts: 6

    I hated PVP in all other games.  But in guild wars it is so cool.

    But i would highly recommend Teamspeak for it. That makes it  very nice being able to talk voice to other players on your team. when you create a char make it PVE because you can still pvp with it


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