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Cold_HawKCold_HawK Member Posts: 29

Well, I recently created a Necromancer/Warrior cause of MP reasons. If you have a Wa/Ne you can't get any good MP items and the MP regen is really slow. I think that the only problem is the armor, but I don't find it as a too big problem and now I wanted to hear you guys opinions if Ne/Wa is any good.


  • sushimeessushimees Member Posts: 489

    Played with a N/W and they seemed pretty decent, but they look absolutely awesome I think. I've always loved the male armor on Necros and I think they look cool as half warrior even.

    But if you want the best PvE build, I suggest you to make your Necor a bone horror master since they own in PvE. Very easy to play with em.

    Also as a W/N, you can always Gladiators armor that gives extra energy.


  • Cold_HawKCold_HawK Member Posts: 29

    I have been a warrior as first class so I thought to try something else on the first class. I think the necro/wariror is good cause it can use blood magic and hex spells, so you can heal yourself.

  • KartelKartel Member Posts: 241

    A necro/war is by no means a tank like a primary, but can make a formidable offensive/assault unit ..especially as a "mage hunter" (as I like to call it). You'll have a difficult time standing toe-to-toe against primary warriors, as they'll likely have more damage with Strenth and definitely better armor, but should be plenty deadly to most others.

    I too always find myself willing to sacrifice armor for energy. I like melee fine, but ultimately it's a secondary priority next to magic, for me anyway.

    As a nec/war, it's usually best to let other/primary wars rush in first, as you throw your bad mojo at the target, then feel free to jump in and help crack some heads.

  • gunnythokgunnythok Member Posts: 268

    N/W?  Suddenly images of Sauron come to mind.....hehe

    Personally I went with a mo/w for the same reason and I was doing pretty good for awhile but I had to switch to the back row for several areas as I'm just not tough enough for the heavy tanking.

  • Cold_HawKCold_HawK Member Posts: 29
    I'm still in Ascalon(Not the newb place Ascalon) with the Ne/Wa one and I am still doing fine without problems. It's lvl 5 right now but if 5 scorches attacks me at the same time I can be in trouble... :P
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