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One man's thoughts on EQN



  • Cybersig211Cybersig211 Member UncommonPosts: 128

    Look lets not be blind to reality here. MMORPG games ARE built on hype.  They will never recover development costs with a low impact "surprise" launch.  They need to keep people interested, keep people salivating over it, keep it in peoples minds or they'll never notice when they decide to start communicating.

    They have already wasted the immense hype sony had for the game game, and now must rebuild on that, which is absolutely stupid to do if things are going well, it doesn't cost money to have a few devs or office workers post a few twitters or reddit posts or AMA's or picture or short clips.

    Silence from devs is a sign of death, it always was, it always will be.

    I honestly think all resources at daybreak are now devoted to H1Z1 the only thing they have that is actually making some form of money.  It would be stupid for a company run by financial investors (not gamers) to take resources away from the ONLY (I'm sure planet side 2 makes some money still) thing making them money and put it on EQN which I don't believe is nearly as good as it was made out to be (Sony would have kept it if it was)

    I honestly think the silence, in this case, is a sign of a pending financial transaction.

    I'm calling right now. EQN, and the storied IP getting sold. Daybreak can focus on making money with something that is slightly successful and focus, which makes investors happy, and they get a big pop of money, which makes investors happy (mitigating whatever amount they paid for picking SOE's bones)

    I am certain that within the next 8-12 months youll get some communication from daybreak about some third party publisher (I'm betting Asian as the Asian publishers are flush with cash) acquiring the game (tencent or perfect world is my bet) or you wont hear anything, but some news outlet will report that the everquest IP and EQN game was sold.

    So I'm calling it now.  The cause for the sudden silence and cessation of media/communication/hype has to be pending negotiations for sale of the product and IP.  The talent that made EQN and would have made it special is long gone.  Doesn't make sense to hire a whole new team (or work with half staff) bring them up to speed, then hope they can carry the torch...and if they were doing that, they could easily communicate and keep the hype train rolling for a solid two years.  No, the silence in this case is a sale, the EQ name and its IP (and the old games in maintenance mode) are probably in process of being sold, as they are worth something in name alone I believe (plus whoever buys gets a whole boatload of EQN code they could use to make whatever they wanted)

  • DarkswormDarksworm Member RarePosts: 997
    tawess said:
    heerobya said:

    I agree. Make EQ3, that's what the fans want, IMO - high fantasy old school classic high quality PvE group focused MMO etc.

    Problem is... fans does not make up a big enough pool of potential customers to make anything bigger then a mobile game. 

    To get any money back on EQ:N it need to hit the market as broadly as it can. That is probably why it is taking so long, they have to readjust to the market over and over again to avoid doing a SW:ToR or WildStar. 
    Issue with your "problem" is, that pool doesn't need to make up a huge section of the market.  It only needs to make up a section that will satisfy their current playerbae and then a bit more.  Candy Crush is bigger than more MMORPGs on the market, so I also question what metrics you're used to measure the potential customers targeted by mobile games...

    At this point, there does need to be something that isn't just a quest hub traversal simulator, but not as grind as something like Lineage II, for example.  If a game doesn't have a "journey" to end game that takes time, then you eventually run into the "need" to build in short cuts (like Heirlooms in WoW) that basically allow people to power level themselves, as the game becomes permanently top heavy.

    EQ2 sort of had a solution for this with the Mentoring aspect, but the scaling was completely wacko (so a level 90 mentored down could still solo all the dungeons, leaving the people they're playing with feeling useless - this is how people would PL their alts on other accounts or PL their own RAF bonuses - or farm AAs).

    An EQ MMORPG with 2 million players (for example) would be more than enough to sustain the genre, as long as they do not have too many servers, or merge them immediately when they go low after the initial post-release hype rolls off (many games fail at this, and lose players due to those people not wanting to completely reroll to play on a more populated server).

    However, they'd also have to focus on more than PvE.  They'd have to have something similar to WoW Arena and BGs, etc.  Even PvE'rs like to PvP these days, and being a one-trick-pony simply isn't enough in the current market.

    Otherwise, why not just play WoW?
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