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Try Rust on our friendly RPG server!

joeri123joeri123 Member UncommonPosts: 247
Hey guys. Me and a couple of friends recently discovered the beauty of this game. So much that we decided to make our own server.

If you are a rust veteran or just plain new feel free to come by on our server. I will do my best to help you.
Also me the owner and my two mods play 100% legit like normal players, unlike a lot of server where admins abuse their power.

We aim to add some RPG elements to our server. Currently you can level up woodcutting, crafting,mining and skinning. With plans to add more elements in the near future.

Here is a list of features: We aim to provide an enhanced survival experience.

*Radiation around monuments enabled for true survival experience 
*Furnaces smelt roughly double the speed 
*Gathering of resources is increased by 300% [X3] 
*Crafting time is reduced by 50% 
*Level up gathering and crafting to gain bonuses 
*Magic Hammer. Easier to upgrade structures 
*Decay only on wood structure, not above. 
*Clan System 
*Friend System with friendly fire toggle 
*Automatic closing of doors, adjustable between 5-30 seconds 
*Improved and more readable chat frame 
*Custom deathmessages when killing animals and people 
*Custom ban system to keep the bad guys out 
*Custom /help command 
*Information bar on the bottom of the screen 
*In-game map with /map command and external livemap 
*Teleportation between players /tpa /tpr 
*1 Home location teleport 
*Voting system to skip night time 
*Structures can be removed by request 
*Items can stack higher than normal
Note: We block players from russia for a number of reasons.Sorry for the inconvenience 

The server is hosted in germany. The staff is from belgium. The server chat is english only!

Search the modded server list for: [EU]NEBULON | ANTICHEAT | X3 | TP | CLAN | AUTODOOR | WIPE 27/12
Our steampage:

See you in-game :)
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