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3-4 player local with mmorpg like class play

KbibitybobKbibitybob Member UncommonPosts: 1
Hi, there's probably already a thread like this somewhere I just thought it would be good to do one that's completely up to date. I'd like to create a thread for console and pc games that have local multiplayer that supports 3 or more players. They should all have well-defined classes (healer, tank, dps, ranged dps, crowd control, etc.) that gel well together and require teamwork for success. I will start off the list with a few that I know of, and have played, and I invite anyone to speak up with additions, and a brief description. Indie games are welcome, it doesn't have to be a major release. They can have any other sort of genre (fps, strategy, etc.) but the class play is important. Thanks to all who post.

Crimson Alliance (Perfect example of what I'm looking for. 4 player, 3 classes. Higher difficulty is pretty much impossible to do solo. Teamwork is essential.) - Xbox 360
Champions of Norrath and the sequel (Many classes, 4-player, although a bit boring at times.) - ps2
Diablo 3 (4-player with 5 or so classes. Kind of feels like every class is a different form of dps, but a good game overall) - ps3, Xbox 360
Borderlands PS4 version (4-player local borderlands is on ps4 only. Would prefer the classes to work together better, but definitely a fun time.)
Secret of Mana (3-player local. Pretty much the first of its kind. Has a healer, magic dps and a basic weapon class.) - Super Nintendo
Dungeon Defenders (4-player tower defense with 4 different classes, each with their own towers and combat style.) - Xbox 360, Pc, (ps3?)
Gauntlet:seven sorrows (4 player local with different classes. Fun but extremely short) - Ps2, Xbox, (Gamecube?)
Gauntlet (4 player, 5 different classes. Pc version not 4 player local I believe) - Ps3, Xbox 360


  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Member RarePosts: 5,361
    Gauntlet PC version is 4 player local, played it with my brothers
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