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is it only lvl 1 - 20?

david6789david6789 Member Posts: 10

from what I see lvl 20 is the highest u can achieve?




  • VercingitoriVercingitori Member Posts: 24

    Yes but the game isn't about the levels.


    And no they won't increase the level cap. :)


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  • Paul11Paul11 Member Posts: 28
    r u 100% that they won't increase level cap?
  • david6789david6789 Member Posts: 10

    If they dont increase the lvl cap and increase monsters lvls and add zones I pernouce this game DEAD at 3:54pm. 


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  • exanimoexanimo Member UncommonPosts: 1,301

    the game is about team work ...

    forget the super hero jedy from the gods char.

    but im sure if people ask a lot for level number .. they will give it ... its just a number anyway.

    your experience bar keeps going up , your fame and rank keeps going up ... last armor i eard about costs +/- 1500000 g ... including price of materials ... so what do you need a high level number for ?

    as long as atribute points , skill points , armor etc , keep improving , we dont need a level number just for show off ..

    fame and rank is there for that

  • sushimeessushimees Member Posts: 489

    Last armor is pointless kinda :P

    Each piece costs 15 000 gold, but the thing is, it doesn't give anything more in the statistics compared to the armor that costs 1500 gold. The only difference is the "looks". But I really wouldn't spend all that gold on an armor just to look different. Better give it to your guild members, who are in need of gold.


  • DevnantDevnant Member Posts: 24

    Nope, pvp is the best thing I have ever seen in a game.

    4 vs 4 at the Arena is awesome

    8 vs 8 is really challenging, specially against koreans


    PVE will rock with expansions since they always put further challenges and make you change builds all the time.


    Long life for this game dude. I´m lvl 20, I finished the game, and I´m not bored at all. PvP keeps it alive for me.

  • _myko_myko Member Posts: 333

    Originally posted by david6789
    If they dont increase the lvl cap and increase monsters lvls and add zones I pernouce this game DEAD at 3:54pm.

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    Player's level cap is set at 20, monster can go higher (up to 30 currently, two level 30 bones dragons are good fun). All levels affect in GW are how many atrribute points you have. Atrribute points affect how powerful your spells/skills are, so need to have a maximum for a balanced PvP game - especially when the expansions come out. The new expansions will likely not increase the level cap, and instead introduce alternative spells for characters to use, kinda like building a deck in a card game. This will mean that players that don't buy the expansion can still compete, though they will not have the 'options' of expansion pack players.

    There is no reason why in the extra PvE they don't increase the party size to allow for tougher monsters - everyone seems to think that increasing levels is the only way to counter stronger enemies. I also imagine stuff like the 'infusing' to give PvE players stronger armour against specific npc enemies is possible. As for adding zones, they are planning on releasing two new areas free of charge soon(tm), and the expansion when it comes is said to be planned to be as big as the original map again.

    The 15K armour is there for the players that want to spend massive amounts of time playing GW, it is not essential in any way but is a 'carrot', a simple way of keeping some players long term interest without damaging the balance of PvP.


    PvE in general is pretty lame, if you think long and hard about it. You are spending your time beating a severely gimped AI that would lose to a well trained monkey. Best not to think too long and hard why you are wasting time playing games in general actually...

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