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[IDEA] Story Arc development and making PVE competitive

SyndromofaDownSyndromofaDown Member UncommonPosts: 325
Just an idea of mine. I want to imagine with storybricks we can implement "racial" and class quests factions introduced as a meta where in a short period of time players can rank up their own race class by doing quests in what i call a survival mode where the most change in faction or inevitable area control or quests can reap the "spoils" like better skills or armor or prestige items or while some lesser accomplished race/class wont simply be "wiped off the face of norrath". Then there is the "peace" period until the next expansion or game update comes out again introducing another chaotic world changing event...Like for example, there is a demon invasion coming from Lavastorm and the people who did the most work of averting that gets bonuses to their class or race while others lose or stay the same. This might lead to imbalance but who cares about that right?? Anyway this is my idea on how things could be as flexible as working with what storybricks proposed.
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