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LF healer/support game

lukezlukez Member UncommonPosts: 27
Hello everyone i'm looking for a game with fun and interesting  support/healer classes
the games i have played and why i do or do not like them are:
Rift: fun system but when i played it 2 years ago it felt pretty dead... also heard it's p2w now
WoW: too boring for my taste endless repetition and not much to do
DaoC: old school favorite 100 different interesting classes..... when i tried it again  my  nostalgia glasses came off and  the clunky ui......
AoC: not a fan of the damage to heal mechanics
GW2:  no interesting classes and imo boring combat
FFXIV: i fell asleep the combat was so slow
ESO: only tried in alpha and didn't really feel all that interesting back than is there any endgame?
Secret World: did not enjoy that game the slightest

i'm looking for a fun, not dead game with interesting  or fun healing/support classes like the DaoC bard for example...it doesn't matter if the game is f2p,b2p,p2p 1 2 3 or 10 years old  as long as there is still life on the  server i don't like arpgs like marvel heroes/poe.

anyone any suggestions?
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