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Guildwars CD-key

HebeRulezHebeRulez Member Posts: 4
I'm currently selling Guildwars cd-key. I'm wondering if anyone is interested or is it against the rule if i promote my selling of CD-keys here? Anyway, i'm just here to see if anyone is interested to buy. It can be REAL CHEAP if i can get enough people to buy the CD-key together. That is the purpose of my post. If i get enough people for getting a good discount rate... I'll be able to buy the CD-keys @ USD$20 or lower... depending the the number of person buying. For more information just reply to this post... I'll check back every 24 hour. (No CD included, but client can be download at the official site.) So do not wori about it.. EST 20-30mins of download on a 512kbps connection.


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