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IP Blocks , why are they here, and what can be done ?

LobotomistLobotomist Member RarePosts: 5,823
For example Black Desert just entered closed beta. I tried to sign up for it , and this is what i get :

So this is North America and Europe Black Desert, and we have Russian, East Asia versions as well.

What happens to the people that live in Africa, Australia, South America, Asia, Oceania ?

Will they be blocked permanently from any of the versions ? Did this happened before for some other games ?

But more importantly

Why is this done ? Where is the logic and business sense behind this ?

They dont want the money ?

And what can be done about it ( i dont mean proxy )


  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 5,922
    edited December 2015
    What can be done is limit territorial restrictions set by copyright holders through legal actions.

    The IP holders of a game like Black Desert do not really need to be able to dictate that you may sell our copyrighted property here, but you may not sell it there. If all licenses to use copyrighted material were always universal that might solve a lot of the problem.

    That would still not prevent service provider from deciding to serve only one/some of the territories, but I don't think many service providers really want those restrictions. It's the copyright holders who are the evil here.
  • gothagotha Member UncommonPosts: 1,066
    For the most part language barriers should be enough protect local IP rights.  The business men running the show though are too short sighted and protectionist and would rather give into  insecurities than serve the needs of the customer base.  
  • stayontargetstayontarget Member RarePosts: 6,497
    edited December 2015
    Publishers in the regions that are blocked need to STEP up and negotiate a contract with Pearl Abyss for the rights to publish the game in those area's.  It's as simple as that.

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