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Bow strings?

decoppeldecoppel Member Posts: 4
Yes, i was just wondering about Bow Strings? What are there, how do they work and how do you find them. Please don't flame me i'm still learning i've only had the game for 5 days. Please i need help :(


  • BfkenjiBfkenji Member Posts: 48
    There are plenty of sites that tell what kind of bow strings are availible.  The Unofficial Guild Wars Site is one example, and there is a link on this site to that website.  You get bow strings from bows that have string mods on it, and then use an expert salvage kit.  If it also has a grip mod then you might get the grip instead, or get neither and get wood planks instead.  It is random.
  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 Member CommonPosts: 1,848

    Link for all item modifiers. Vampire, Sundering, Fury & Zealous upgrades are generally always worth some money & can be found on low level/quality weapons.

    The upgrades with alot of % are from higher level monsters so dont worry about those yet.

  • decoppeldecoppel Member Posts: 4
    Ty a lot for all your help guys
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