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Sanguine Knights (US - RP/PVP)

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Sanguine Knights: RP/PVP - NA Server




Guild Motto: "To Know that I know what I know, and that I do not know what I do not know, that is true knowledge" - Confucius


Objectives: The guild will have both Primary and Secondary Objectives


Primary: To protect landmarks/ruins, gathering art/maps/ or anything consisting of knowledge or cultural relevance. To also protect cartographers or any person attributing to the knowledge and betterment of others.

Secondary: Protecting Weaker Players/NPCs


Rank Structure Functionality: It is a hybrid system consisting of one Written Exam, Merit Base, and Master/Apprentice. There will be six linear ranks and three special duty ranks


Linear Ranks: Guildmaster , Knight Commander , Knight Captain , Knight , Squire , and Acolyte


Special Duty Ranks(No Order of Precedence): Scribe, Index, Quartermaster


Guild RP Lore

The Order was founded to secure, preserve, and protect all forms of knowledge and art. While also simultaneously protecting the weaker inhabitants from those that would seek to harm them.

Roles and Responsibilities


Guildmaster: Controls the guild over all, Handles promotions past knight, sets rules and regulations, handles more crucial diplomacy, Guild face.


Knight Commander: Commands 5 Quills, each quill is a squad of 5 a Knight captain and 4 other knights, Handles training and supplying of his/her quills, handles day to day diplomacy, and forwards the guildmaster status reports on their quills.


Knight Captain: Commands a Quill, Handles reports of his/her men, reports squad needs to their knight commander.


Knight: Infantry, teaches a squire basic philosophy, diplomacy, and martial skills.


Squire: Learns from their knight, non-combative unless necessary.


Acolyte: Has yet to be chosen by a knight, has no real authority or duties.


Special Duty Ranks


Ranks a Squire may choose if they don't wish to be a knight, or fail their squire exam.


Scribe: Handles guild Records, History, Maps, and Schematics


Index: Handles Mercantile, Contracting, and Financing


Quartermaster: Guild Craftsmen, and Supplier

Code of Conduct

  1. Members will show professionalism and discipline in chat, actions, and any situation that reflects the guild.

  2. Members will wear Guild uniforms during guild events.

  3. Defending those weaker who are also innocent is mandatory, unless said action would put the knight in a certain death situation.

  4. A member will obey/follow their chain of command.

  5. A guildmate shall never be abondoned, unless the guildmate being abandoned has informed you to do otherwise.

  6. Stealing is Prohibited

  7. Unjustified Murder is Prohibited

  8. Maintaining your Gear is mandatory, your gear is your life.

  9. Do not betray the guild, unless the guild is corrupt and needs to be reformed.

  10. Guildmasters can not and will not make any rules that specifically target a single person or themselves for financial gain, or any personal gain that places them above someone else unjustly. Also the guildmaster may not create any rule or regulation that may specifically aid themselves.

  11. Rules 1-11 may not be superseded, discarded, or changed in any manner.

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  • SehitoSehito Member UncommonPosts: 3
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