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Skyforge Efficient Prestiging Guide

SilentstormSilentstorm Member UncommonPosts: 1,126
Efficient Prestiging Guide

I wanted to make a proper guide explaining in my opinion. How you should go about leveling in Skyforge. In truth really theirs no right or wrong way to do this. You can be fast but you will pay the price later. And have to do pretty much everything I'm about to say anyway. So from here on we will have 9 points for you to consider. This is for people starting out, it can work for you as a veteran. But in most cases you will know majority of this already. I typed it out here the video is long. And I didn't want people to sit through all that if they don't want to.

  1. Prestiging fast is not the best thing to do. Go at a even pace and bring up all your stats when you can. The game the way it is now. Will push you to go faster. This will lead to low dps and low survival. In most cases you will not have even one class maxed. Don't get caught up in that whoa might stamina and health hype.

  2. Pick a main character according to how you like to play. Tank support range or melee dps. Stick with that class until it maxes out don't try and do multiple no need. And it will just make it take longer.

  3. Now that you have a main class picked in order to farm class sparks. Go back to region zones you have completed. And basically do them again. This will allow you to farm for multiple goals all at the same time. You will be farming credits, Enchantment fodder weapons, Red Green and Blue Sparks, Sparks of Transformation, Particles of Mastery, and Finally class sparks. Once you max out a class you get universal gold sparks. You can now use those sparks on other classes to max them out. If you don't like a class you can max it out and never see it.

  4. Don't spend credits on anything that you can farm from Point 3. In fact you should only spend credits on automatic upgrading costs. Never spend credits on anything else to speed anything up. Let it progress on it's own no need to give away credits.

  5. Join a patheon academy it will make your life easier. This gives you a lot of benefits and you can get people to run dungeons with. Be social it will be far better in a game like this trust me.

  6. Do invasion dungeons and gain invasion sparks. You also find good perks in the Invasions atlas. For all your builds you will want to incorporate this.

  7. Level your order according to your main character and build. I mean by this is go after things beneficial to the class. Say like how my main is Lightbinder. So I go after shield power nodes. And then go after critical chance for damage. Then you can follow it up with Crushing Blow. All of this is beneficial for my class, so think hard about what you want to do.

  8. Symbol synergy is really important. Try and find symbols that work well with each other. What I did since I want to be a critical fighter. I went after all critical symbols for synergy. That can take you from average to godly in this game. Ironic huh?

  9. Get premium it's worth it trust me the bonuses are worth it. The most important is gold sparks you can level any class with that. So my suggestion is whenever argents are on sale. Hop on it and pick up premium member ship in blocks at a reduced price. For instance the last Black Friday sale was a excellent chance to do that. But don't worry more chances will be sure to come. Not many games allow you to basically nerf the monthly subscription fee.

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