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SkySaga biggest suprise this year

LobotomistLobotomist Member EpicPosts: 5,880
edited November 2015 in The Pub at MMORPG.COM
Did you hear about Skysaga ? No...i guess not.

I myself just few days ago decided to refresh my knowledge about voxel/minecraft based MMOs that must be in production. I mean Minecraft made 1 billion dollar just trough sale to Microsoft, and god knows how much trough sales and merchandise.

Making a Minecraft clone - but this time as MMO is a no brainier , even sweeter due to fact you dont need big team to develop it. Or is it ?
Turns out, its either harder than we think, or big companies are mysteriously uninterested in making lots of money.

Almost all kickstarters made for such games (and they were many) either closed , failed , or are existing for years in state of not much happening.

Only game that was remotely good: Cubeworld. Had its developers literally disappear for 2 years with not even tweet, although the game is in "early access"

And only serious company : Trion , took team of handful people to literally do Cube World clone , which they done easily. And it now turned into Trion's most successful game.

But that can not be it ? Can it ?

Well after crazy amount of search , i remembered i seen a game with very specific style in one youtube video few months ago.

Turns out its called Skysaga. And its currently in Alpha , with no big advertisement around it (and certainly not selling alpha participation)

I was lucky to be chosen for a key, and lo and behold !

Best way to describe the game is , its kind of close to Trove + CubeWorld + deep crafting and mining system ( all equipment is crafted ) + procedural generated worlds + roguelike dungeon crawling + random loot + daily quests + sandbox + building

All this with action combat and best graphic in this type of games (although cartoony)

I dont know why they call it Alpha. Its allready running better and has more features than many of released MMOs

The game is crazily addictive , and there is always something to do. Especially since the game encourages you to do sessions of adventuring interrupted by sessions of crafting.

It is weird not much is written about this game, so I hope I opened eyes to some.


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