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Dedication to a cause (pointless or not you decide)

Quazal.AQuazal.A Member UncommonPosts: 859

This person has just completed 6 years flying around every known system in eve (about 5100) taking a picture of EVERY planet in game (roughly 45,000 images), but what makes this most impressive is the 0 losses in all that time 

I say well done, but geez why? :)

This post is all my opinion, but I welcome debate on anything i have put, however, personal slander / name calling belongs in game where of course you're welcome to call me names im often found lounging about in EvE online.
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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 40,928
    Same reason a person in Lineage 1 leveled from 1 to 50 killing nothing but goblins which were worth 1 to 3 experience points per kill.

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  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,254
    I say well done, but geez why? :)
    Because it was there !    ;-)

    The same reason why man has to explore the unknown.

    Have fun
  • kb4blukb4blu Member UncommonPosts: 717
    Well fun is where you find it.  If they enjoyed it, more power to them.
  • filmoretfilmoret Member EpicPosts: 4,906
    Yea most players complain because they aren't creative enough to find a way to enjoy a game.  The devs are to blame just as much as the players.
    Are you onto something or just on something?
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