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“We walk the path of power, unafraid and unshaken by the masses driven before us. The Iron Circle. We are unbreakable. We shall not be denied. Greatness is our destiny, and these lands will be our ultimate reward.” - Warpriest Tahril, Keeper of the Faith

Maybe you’re in it for the coin. Maybe it’s the excitement. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because you know you’ll be pushed beyond your limits and brought to a moment when you must either destroy your weaknesses utterly or be broken. It’s inconsequential. The Iron Circle calls to you.

(For now I'm keeping it story-lite, our background/storyline in Black Desert Online is subject to change dramatically before release!)
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The Iron Circle:

The Iron Circle is a Medium/Heavy Role-play guild associated with the upcoming games Black Desert Online, EverQuest Next and Crowfall. It is meant as a sanctuary for the wayward role-player, a home away from home. It is meant to possess a relaxed atmosphere, a place for them to indulge in jokes and good humor. It is also a platform for their characters to perform; a stage for the drama, the comedy, and the tragedy that will be a part of their character’s lives. Our intention is to cultivate a membership of mature, intelligent and entertaining players who prioritize fun and camaraderie over strict progression. The guild is based on a mercenary/adventuring group concept in a more traditional D&D sense.

It is expected that everyone in the guild to be able to handle mature content. As can be expected from the theme of the guild – a group of mercenaries who will take whatever measures necessary to take back their homes – The Iron Circle will go over some dark stuff. Drug use, sexuality, gore and the like would not be unusual. It’s much closer to say that we encourage a darker atmosphere than your usual roleplaying guild. Whereas the usual fantasy RP guild is comparable to a Forgotten Realms novel, we are much closer to George R. R. Martin and R. Scott Baker. If you are comfortable with them, then chances are you would do well with the Iron Circle. However, if you find the darker side of humanity to be something you are not comfortable with, then the Iron Circle is not for you. It should be noted that we are NOT an 'evil' guild, good and evil are subjective terms and should be treated as such. Despite exploring darker themes that does not mean we are an ERP guild or an inherently insidious group of characters, we welcome all types of role players into our fold.

Leadership Structure:

Organization is key when it comes to working together and accomplishing our goals. Guild ranks are used to distribute the responsibility of managing and organizing the guild during PvE and RP encounters, and the guild as a whole. As the Iron Circle continues to grow there will always be room for advancement, however, we always look to feedback from our members no matter the rank. Please remember although the guild is very cooperative in nature and many of our decisions are based on feedback and constructive conversation, the rank structure is managed in a way that is in the best interest of guild development and is done by its founders: the Guild Master and the Iron Council.

Guild Amenities & Events

Guild Campaigns & Storyline - Black Desert Online

All of our Guild Campaigns will focus on various plot aspects, with one overarching storyline playing into the current arch of the campaign. Much of our story will come from interaction with other guilds through trade agreements, escort missions and other jobs, but also the day-to-day needs and pressures the different nations face.

At the end of each story we will conclude and then write a short summary covering the build-up, the major aspects and the major players of each. This we hope will tell the story of our characters and our guild in an easy to read, organized fashion. We don't plan on creating page after page of expanded mythos or lore, we want a compact storyline that is easy for new members to follow so that they can easily throw their own characters into the mix.

Guild and community campaign events will be organized and ran by one of our guild Game Masters (GM) who will work in tandem with guild officers and those participating in the event to create a fun story experience for all. During these events, the GM will act as the mediator during conflicts and will act as the primary story teller throughout the event.

The Iron Circle also offers the following benefits to our members:

Teamspeak Server - For those who'd prefer to socialize through voice instead of through our forums or chat in game.

20 Slot Grav Server - Grav is a game similar to Minecraft, but in space! Also dancing!

Holiday Events & Game Giveaways - Some of our folks don't have families or friends to spend the holidays with so we make it a point to setup events and plan something on those days for our members.

Tabletop Gaming - Besides PC games such as Black Desert Online, TIC is extremely active in the tabletop gaming community. We host D&D 5e games on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Most games start at 7:30 PM CST and end around 12:00-1:00 AM CST. We are currently playing in a homebrewed campaign world using the 5th edition dungeons and dragons game system.   (We're also always looking for DMs to join up!  Open to other gaming systems as well.)

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