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A little bit of this.. and that.. and some of this as well.

TaiphozTaiphoz Member UncommonPosts: 346
I'm lost, have been for a while, I honestly feel let down by the whole mmo genre in that so many games have come close to my perfect game only to be missing something crucial to my personal enjoyment.

My most recent MMO was Archeage, say what you will about the game the core mechanics, gameplay and pvp on land or sea are second to none, but for me it's totally let down by it's 1990's raid and dungeon design and of course its utterly shocking item mall and cash driven progression.

So I was thinking, if I could cherry pick the best bits of a number of MMO's what would they be, what would it look like, and that got me interested in what you the gaming community would also pick, I know everyone wont pick the same things as me, so feel free to post bellow and let me know what your ideal mmo would like via picking each of the bits from existing mmo's

Mine ..

I would have the following things from Archeage,  Vast open seemless world, Player Housing, Player vehicles and ships, Full PVP, I would then layer on top of that World of Warcrafts Raiding and Dungeon design because lets face it , its that good, for Crafting and Trading I would like EvE Onlines, instead of space ship haulers it would be Archeage Haulers and Schooners hauling pre packaged crafted items which would mean no central AH system which would also mean like in EvE that it would pay to haul goods, which makes being a pirate all the more fun, oh yeah and Archeages Pirate system.

Thats about it, that would sum up my Ideal game.
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