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Combat System

I heard on a thread from someone that this is going to be a turnbased game. I think that would slow down the gameplay entirely too much. Can anyone confirm that it is turnbased or was the person just being a tool?



  • ElapsedElapsed Member UncommonPosts: 2,329

    I don't completely understand it either. I think GameSpot described it as turn-based-LIKE. Watch the videos, the combat is slow right now (they could change it) but not extremely slow like you would think turn-based would be.

    My understanding is you play like every other MMO out there. Approach a monster and choose your attack. The only thing is that the attacks are in order. If you're by yourself, you hit, then the monster hits, then you hit, and the monster hits, etc. If you're in a group have to wait your turn to hit on it and I guess if you don't have an attack queued up in either case your turn is skipped. So, player 1 goes, then 2, then the mosnter hits, then it loops. There are no long pauses becuse the system doesn't wait for someone to choose. Also another thing with combat, I can't remember exactly but there are some special combo moves or something that spice it up on the fly.

    (Note: I could be way off, the information about the game is scattered and I don't follow it that closely right now. Plus it's still so early in development.)

  • DoctorSoupDoctorSoup Member Posts: 106

    Thanks, if your information is right that doesn't sound that bad. Especially with those combos.


  • mechwarriormechwarrior Member Posts: 241
    I smell matrix online combat system....sniff....smells like ass
  • DoctorSoupDoctorSoup Member Posts: 106

    They should just do it kind of like SWG you can hit attacks whenever.


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