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My old world .........

DritheDrithe Member UncommonPosts: 55
 I remember going to work one day really, really mad thinking of this game. I usually played Drithe the Shield specced celtic hero. But I had recently made a level 50 celtic ranger I named Deerhunter. First let me set the stage back in the earlier days of DaoC .....

 At the time Midgard was ruling the Bors server with an Iron first. For 2 years they zerged their way to victory. Dark days indeed for Albion and Hibernia. We would take a keep at a time and put in 150  or more Hibs to defend it. Midgard would bring in 300+ to kill us. Good fights. Great fights. But we did not have the man power to take all of the relics. That is when I decided to make a stealther class to use guerrilla tactics against the Mids.  The Albs did the same thing.  

   There was a particular Infiltrator(alb) named Blackz. He used a buffbot and wiped everyone out he fought. I had my newly made ranger ready to roll and had seen Blackz many times. The times I got to fight him he pretty much destroyed me. We could have a full group stealthers and if someone did not poison Blackz, Blackz was fully capable of killing all of  us. (In the early days someone with a buffbot had a huge advantage over everyone.) 

  It wasnt long that everyone and their mother had a second account for a buffbot. I eventually caved in and got one too, really just for one reason though ..... to kill Blackz.

 This server was particularly brutal and active. It was nothing to have 5 or 6 full stealther groups out in battle while trying to deal with a 200 man mid or alb zerg at the same time. 

 It got personal on Bors. Groups versus groups. Guilds versus Guilds. Alliances versus alliances. Singles battles. People were very realm proud and after battles had words with each other on the IGN boards. The war of words between the factions on the old IGN Bors boards where stuff of legends. 

  I had many many single and group battles with Deerhunter. Afterwards I would put a story up on the IGN boards of how I won, or lost, against certain foes. Every single target I had I eventually would beat. Some pretty much I passed in terms of wins. Some I reached their skill levels. Some I would barely win from time to time. But one.  One in particular I just could not beat. But today would be the day .........

 It was nothing for me to wait for 2 hours to all day long just to kill one person. It was just fun to do that and then go on the boards and brag. I had heard that some albs where leveling up just a little ways from their portal gates in pvp land. So i headed out, hoping to kill enough of the younglings to pull out some of the big boys to kill, and with any luck, Blackz.

 I was RR 5 at the time. Had everything I needed in my eyes to beat anyone, especially since i had my buffbot druid. So I went out into Albion to destroy my enemies. And I did.

 I killed at least 30 different albion younglings. All way below 50 of course. Even full goups of level 20 or 30 somethings. I continued the nightmare until the level 50's came out. That is when my roll started in terms of high level kills. 

 All of the big name stealthers came out solo first. I killed them all. No less than 20 different ones.  All level 50 and at least RR 5. I even managed to kill a few midgard stealthers that was prowling. To be honest, I was having tons of fun but was getting ready to leave. I had been around the area for a while, getting in and killing and stealthing out. But as soon as I was about to suicide to leave ....... he came.

  Now Blackz the character was a albion female infil class. Most considered Blackz to be the best of the best, even greater than ole , eer, damn I forget his game. Been at least 4 years since I played. Sorry. I played for 9. So many stories and legends, were made about Blackz in game and on the IGN boards. 

  As she walked out I decided to point, while stealthed, to let her know I wanted this fight. She beckoned me.  I knew there were other albs there, but this was the chance I had been waiting for.  I unstealthed so she could see me. I backed up a bit as she came closer and then I stealthed.  I noticed that the area I had stealthed in was soon surrounded by albs. But none tried to find me. They just wanted to see the fight.

 I used eagle eye level 5( I think that was the one where you could see stealthers if they came within 30 feet or more of you). I seen her and took my shot. it took only a quarter damage of her. Then she charged me and the melee fight was on. It was an awesome fight. I was breathing heavily and ready to deliver the final blow to kill her, then ...... she just started out fighting me.  I literally missed 5  melee attacks and she finished me off.  She defeated her foe. She did a /slit and WALKED slowly away from me. Letting Deerhunter know that she was still Queen of the Shadow World.

 I never beat Blackz in single combat. To this day it makes Drithe/Deerhunter .......... a little upset.

  Now we can go back to the beginning of this story. I was freaking pissed.  When I fell asleep I dreamed about it. When I got to work I was cursing and just had a plain bad day over it. I told my boss how much I hated Blackz and he  told me to seek mental help.

 But this is one of the many things that made DaoC to me the greatest of the pvp games I ever played, console or pc. You could build a legend in many ways. Being a pve leader, a pvp leader, or solo killing machine, or whatever you did. Going on the boards and "Chatting" about it was also fantastic. 

  In the end the people playing this game made the game what it was. People with passion and drive really made it awesome. Especially the enemies I fought. If you were willing to call me out on the boards and fight me, I respected you. If you lost to me in battle and said later on, "I dont care it is just a game." I hoped you fell in your commode and drowned. For you, to me at least, brought down my high!

 Long live Dark Age of Camelot.

 Deerhunter Bors,  son of Drithe Bors. Sons of the server  Bors.


  • Viper482Viper482 Member LegendaryPosts: 4,076
    True story bro, wow I loved this game back then....with a passion. Have been looking for this experience again ever since. Warhammer Online was the closest I have gotten to it yet. Mythic ruined that game too.
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