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Chronicles of Elyria-- A Potential Role-player's Eden

AdelardtheVersedAdelardtheVersed Member UncommonPosts: 7
edited November 2015 in Role Playing Discussion
Perhaps the title of this post is a bit grandiose, but I am fervently hooked so far on what the developers have been dishing out regarding Chronicles of Elyria. My role-play experience began years ago on paper and then wandered into the realm of pixelated reality where most of my role-play experience was spent in Lord of the Rings Online. If you never knew about that community; well, it was a thriving space for heavy role-players where deep stories were spun, and what is more, the game mechanics lent themselves wholeheartedly to the engendering of role-play. That community has died down to an extent. Since then, I have encountered the game Chronicles of Elyria, still in development, and believe that this particular world and what the developers have in mind promises a game that, even more than LOTRO, promotes the capacity for authentic role-play. The forthcoming list and description of features can be found more fully here:

What the game boasts is an immersive world where there is no proper HUD-- no mini-map as we know it from games like WoW, but instead a mini-map that relays sensory information your character would have but you, as the player, do not; after all, one cannot smell through one's computer screen. Natural character aging-- accompanied by the atrophy of physical skills as one's character ages--and character permadeath after about a year of playing said character. The ability to own land, become a noble (or a queen or king) and even name it via cartography (the only maps of the world are those made by players). Also, because of the lifespan of the individual characters, there is only really room to attempt to master one or two skills (no godmods permitted by these game mechanics). And there is a host of other facets that I do not have the time or memory to recount in any sufficient detail: professions, skills, talents, souls, families, contracts, laws, criminal acts, housing, etc. Take a look at the blog above for some proper information.

If you are intrigued, I therefore invite you to the forums: where the community resides in the absence of the realized client, and in particular to the role-playing forum. To see player-made families, guilds, and kingdoms dedicated to role-play would mean a truly intriguing world brought to life not only by virtual reality, but by the creative endeavors of talented writers who, through the ingenuity of the game's mechanics, can create a veritable world of their own.

I hope to see you in Chronicles of Elyria in the future, but for now, may we meet again on the forums:

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  • AdelardtheVersedAdelardtheVersed Member UncommonPosts: 7
    edited November 2015
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  • MaquiameMaquiame Member UncommonPosts: 1,073
    I'm keeping an eye on this as I'm an avid roleplayer but with the focus on ultra powerful players becoming the big bad and the fact that you have to buy lives at 40 bucks a pop, I think I'll just keep my eyes on Revival for my future choice of rp for now.  It will be interesting to see how things turn out though in CoE


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  • ZultraZultra Member UncommonPosts: 363
    It is not £40 for a spark (life) more like £5-£10, those last on average between 10 - 11 months, dirt cheap compared to monthly subs at £12 a pop. 
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  • ZultraZultra Member UncommonPosts: 363
    I will be an avid RPer as well, I am not a good writer however. 
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  • aSynchroaSynchro azeaze, AKMember UncommonPosts: 194
    There's not a single features of CoE I don't find amazing and logical.
    IF they successfully released it AND if the game isn't too clunky/buggy, it could indeed be a huge hit for any RP lovers.
  • ZultraZultra Member UncommonPosts: 363
    aSynchro said:
    There's not a single features of CoE I don't find amazing and logical.
    IF they successfully released it AND if the game isn't too clunky/buggy, it could indeed be a huge hit for any RP lovers.
    They are well on the way to release, it is coming and it won't take years and years, this is no HL3 
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  • AdelardtheVersedAdelardtheVersed Member UncommonPosts: 7
    Whatever the future status of the game-- which is entirely speculative, I am of the disposition to at least support it in the meantime; after all, if their aim is worthy, then passively standing by is hardly of any help towards bringing that goal into fruition. So, I hope that those at least mildly interested in the game, and even those who harbor some doubts, might plug in to the community and start rolling the role-play ball on the forums early. Even if the game tanks, at least there will be some good writing got out of it.
  • HalfgrimmHalfgrimm Hidden under rocks, buried beneath the leaves.Member UncommonPosts: 76
    I, for one, am greatly looking forward to this game. The idea of bringing Baron Halfgrimm to life is, in a word, orgasmic. I look forward to eating... I mean, meating... I ur.. I mean, meeting. Ah... yes, *ahem* you all, in game.
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  • whilanwhilan Everett, WAMember UncommonPosts: 3,472
    It's one i'm keeping my eye on as well, looks very interesting.  Course all is good on paper, I reserve judgement until I'm actually playing it myself.  With that said i'm very interested in it.

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  • VictoriaRachelVictoriaRachel UKMember UncommonPosts: 79
    I like the fact that there seems to be an awful lot of viable choice in the game for choosing different character roles and actually being able to play the game as that character. So many MMOs if you want to roleplay as the shope keeper you do it in between combat and just have to pretend the combat counts because there is nothing else to do. This game is offering players the chance to be anything an NPC can be. The options are endless to the point that picking a character is just overwheleming. Everytime they annouce a new feature it I immediatly say "Oh I want to do that."

    The other interesting thing the game does is aim to seperate the player and the character. The idea is there will be chat channels where you are you, you go by your account name only. Then there will be the in-game proximaty chats (yell, say, whispher) and these will be in your characters name. No one has to know which character is you, or if you have taken on a new identity! The possibilities to avoid meta gaming are quite entertaining, storylines that actually turn out to have a real twist that you just never saw coming.

    Currently there is a lot of get me interesting in this game. I shall have my fingers crossed that it actually works well as a game, because I really can see it as being a great choice for roleplayers.
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  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaMember EpicPosts: 15,394
    Yes i agree it might be a great Role playing game as a RP game SHOULD be.However i still need to go beyond what most perceive as RP'ing.I need to see an entire game design that just seems to fit within itself as a well oiled machine.I had that feeling playing FFXI,i felt at every turn and every idea was well thought out and played out entirely throughout the game.I don't like when games make systems just for the sake of it,it needs to tie into the entire game design.

    An example would be Elder Scrolls pick pocketing.I don't just want to be able to pickpocket,i want a deep system,perhaps you have a bad reputation withing nearby cities where people might recognize you as a thief and that also goes deeper where it has both positive and negative consequences.I think Elyria is trying to do just this create some depth in their systems,how it all comes out in the end only time will tell  "John Wettland /Asia :P"

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  • AdelardtheVersedAdelardtheVersed Member UncommonPosts: 7

    Of course, the final product will only succeed if the player base is giving great feedback and helping to support the efforts of the developers. If you haven't already, I think your voice would be appreciated on the forums. I hope to see you there.
  • alzooalzoo Member UncommonPosts: 17
    Really excited for this game to come out.  Between this and Revival, there's hope for MMORPGs to deliver on their promise.

    Took a ‘short break’ from MMORPGs after the initial excitement about the launch of Ultima Online wore off.  Beginning to reacquaint myself with the genre in anticipation of Chronicles of Elyria (friend code E1E266).

  • NycteliosNyctelios Novo Hamburgo - RS - BrazilMember EpicPosts: 3,061
    I'm trying to lower my expectations with CoE because it sounds "too good to be true" (since is exactly my type of game).
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