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Blizzard threw 6 billion to mobile company

pinktailzpinktailz Member UncommonPosts: 173
So... while wow players have almost whole year with no content (again) Blizzard spending ridiculous amount of money 6 BILLION dollars to buy mobile games company.

Could they spend at least some of that money to give WoW some love and happiness to players? Apparently not, they decide to continue milking players and giving AS LOW content as possible.

How one even can hype about Legion (which is nothing new same old same old) knowing this company  attitude towards their once beloved IP?
It is just meh and smell like old rag, I even know artists who spend a lot of time making concept art and ideas and send it to Blizzard; but I guess there is a different people leading atm and with this recent purchase we can CLEARLY see the way they are aim for!


  • goboygogoboygo Member RarePosts: 2,126
    I wish I had 6 billion dollars to invest in the worlds economy, they are my capitalist hero of the month winner.
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