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The RPG Files: 10 Reasons Why PC is Still the Best Place to Play RPGs



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    ReddogBE said:
    Z-manX said:
    I dislike consoles not because of what they are or their lack luster performance or ,IMO, inferior gaming controls compared to a decent PC but because of why they were made in the first place which was create a new money sink for Japanese companies to capitalize on. One which is entirely proprietary to the maker of that console because at the time there wasn't any Japanese making PC's and PC gaming was starting to carve a real niche. There was never any reason but that for consoles to be made. PC's can and always could do everything better than a console and much more while consoles serve a single purpose function. Well... other than to take your money. It's like if you lived in place which had good places to eat, Italian, Chinese, Thai etc but only one pizza joint. Now even though the Italian restaurant makes better pizza and so much more they don't have Coke, only Pepsi because the pizza joint made sure they were the only place that had Coke and you love Coke.
    Ignorant drivel. The first succesfull consoles were made by american companies. Magnavox, Fairchild, and Atari. They were in aspects better at suited for home consumption. costing about 150$ instead of 10000$ for computers at the time.

    They were made as a cheaper alternative for the pc and did and still do a very good job at this. They are indeed more limited in possibilities these days.

    Still i think pc is better suited for a lot of games. Well not pc per se but the keyboard mouse combo is by far the best for me.

    RPG is better on a pc as those allow for more in depth ui controls than most console. Consoles do miss the finesse one can have on a PC
    Magnavox is owned by Philips since 1974 a dutch company, Atari and Fairchild, a chip manufacturer, made bad game systems that failed miserably. All of which is pretty much moot since there really wasn't any PC's that were much more than a word processor not to mention back then Personal Computer meant that all in one Apple box. Also all of those crashed and burned and in the late 70's gaming computers were taking off and becoming very popular and by the early 80's was carving a very profitable niche. It was in 1983 that the true first game console was made by Nintendo (Japanese) to change the direction of where gaming was heading and make it proprietary. Which was very successful for quite a bit until games like Castle Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem and then Doom. When Quake, 3D video cards and online multiplayer hit putting the last nails in the coffin SNES and Sega were all but dead then, along with game consoles, until Sony threw their hat into the ring to make another proprietary system, playstation in 1994.
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