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Starting Anew with WildStar: Reloaded -

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 5,023
edited October 2015 in News & Features Discussion

imageStarting Anew with WildStar: Reloaded -

I've always considered WildStar to be a great game with a lot of promise. I've praised it, I've critiqued it, and I've suggested it as one of our Five MMOs for Experienced Players. Carbine Studios' flagship MMORPG has seen a lot of improvements and additions since its launch over a year ago, culminating in the free-to-play rebranding as WildStar: Reloaded last month.

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  • orbitxoorbitxo Member RarePosts: 1,955
    great review. and very true. having a blast now in Data Scape with guildies!
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