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Population currently?

LionexxLionexx Member UncommonPosts: 680
Have not played in a while, curious of returning with a friend. How does the population look nowadays? Still fairly active? RvR still pretty hot?

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  • KiyonoriKiyonori Member UncommonPosts: 70
    Just resubbed this past month out of boredom. On Gaheris(the coop server, yeah, it's still around somehow) the most I've ever seen is 50 odd some people, with the average at around 15-25. On the regular cluster they now have, they usually have 200-300 on average per side at any given time, give or take. I haven't checked at prime time on the regular servers but I couldn't imagine that it goes much higher.

    As far as rvr is concerned there seems to always be something going on, there are constant messages in the chat box about keeps and towers being taken over. I've not dabbled in pvp much as at this point most people are so decked out in templates and high rr's that is pretty hard to start out fresh without some connections or time investment, not to mention that most of the people still playing are hardcore master vets who could probably wallop you without any advantages.

    If you haven't played in a while (I think 6 months) you can come back for free for a week, it takes no time at all to get to 50 now so I say give it a whirl. Would probably be much more funner with a mate.
  • SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484
    I've checked the population on all 3 realms there about 1300-1500 players but varies everyday. Weekends you'll get the biggest pop so it's very active and more new and returning players are coming back which is making this game stronger. Not only the game is getting more population but more content is being added to make the game more fun.

    At the moment we have the Otherworld's Campaign which has been a success, Darkness Fall Raids killing Legion, High Lords and Prince's and you get blood seals to buy your items, Level 1-50 dungeons have been updated and quests have been put in place. In the next month or so we're going to have a revamp of the Agramon island and instead of it being called Agramon it's going to be called Isle of man where there will be underground keeps and very fun content that's going to be introduced. Also much more is going to be updated and revamped in the future so it's exciting news in Dark Age of Camelot. 

    Please check out the herald for Newsletter and updates about the game  
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