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Marvel Heroes 2015 AMA With Ryolnir And Lord!



  • GeluGelu Member UncommonPosts: 3
    edited October 2015
    Dear Ryolnir. I have had a TON of friends leave the game due to no content. (Never once has a friend left because Jeans hair or Emma doesnt look good)  However I am desperately trying to get them back into the game to get them to try danger room when it comes out (That is if it comes out of course). However they are all telling me that its just too much work to get back in etc. I don't know how you would do it but any way for a (Welcome back) type thing where if your account has been inactive for x amount of time you get like a boost package (Doesn't have to be huge) Just some incentive for me to push a lot of old players to come back?

  • RadspakrRadspakr Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Are we going to be seeing any supervillians in the new content such as Savage land and Danger room?
    Sandman, Vulture, UFoes etc.

    With recent login issues and MM being 7 hours late do you have plans in mind to prevent these issues in the future or at least better ways to address them in a  timely manner?
    The last 2 issues were happening for 6+ hours with no word from devs and no fixes in that time since they happened out of US business hours.
    After they were restored there was no response on forums from staff explaining what happened, no apologies for loss of service and word on improving things.

    Follow up on that last one are there any plans to hire a "night watch man" or similar back up for service outage type events?
    Since 2 inside a week is a pretty big deal.
  • GazLordGazLord Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 28

    resivk said:

    How many costumes will be Visually Updated for Jean Grey?

    Some comments made it seem like all Launch Heroes would have a costume visually updated, I'm guessing not all just some?

    Tech Question:

    When looking at reviewing a hero, what's the processes on deciding to try new tech with them? For example, you did an outstanding job updating Black Panther who was feeling very outdated. If you were to Updated Jean Grey, what new tech would you like to see her having?

    As you can tell, I love Jean!
    At least all the ones that where available on release. Ones after that I will make a judgement call.
  • yinyangjayinyangja Member CommonPosts: 1
    Nick Fury?
  • GazLordGazLord Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 28

    Is Emma Frost getting also a visual updated costume ? (she is kinda mad with all the jean costumes :P )

    Is Emma Frost gonna have a new costume before the end of the year?

    Yes, it is planned to Give Emma a Visual Update.
  • peterliewpeterliew Member UncommonPosts: 13
    Ryolnir,in Thanos Raid Marvel Heroes 2016,is there any chance we will see the Black Order ? They are awesome as villains in Infinity!
  • naos76naos76 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    edited October 2015
    Hello Ryolnir !

    I have only one question : Can you give us the list of new heroes for 2016? 

    I was expecting that during NYCC and was sorry to hear nothing about it.
  • GazLordGazLord Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 28

    Thanks for doing this!
    I have a question for Lord and you Ryolnir.
    For Lord: Can we get more insight in creating a costume and new heroes? Like a video diary making them from scratch?
    For Ryolnir: With 52 reviews ending with Deadpool in a month, what will be the next focus for that team? I know that we have small QoL improvements almost every 2 weeks, but I was thinking of something on a larger scale. (Visual Upgrades would be awesome!)
    Video might be kind of hard since none of the modelers really like their image captured. They might actually be Vampires now that I think about it. They hate light too. I could probably do some sort of thing on our Forums though. Good idea.
  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54

    Hi Ryolnir! I understand that class balance is a tough but essential part of any MMORPG. It seems in the last few months Gazillion has been tweaking heroes to achieve what's referred to as a 'target tuning range'. I'm sure you could write an essay on the topic if time permitted, but that's unlikely. Could you tell us a bit about what factors are considered in determining whether a hero is balanced? Speaking in general terms is fine, I'm sure it's more than the time it takes to kill the DPS dummy, I'm just hoping for some more insight :)

    TLDR - What factors determine whether a character is above or below TTR?
    We run all kinds of tests with internal tools that give us a more accurate measure of true DPS and burst DPS. As you know, the training dummy isn't ideal so we don't really use that at all except for a sanity check (if someone is exploding the training dummy in 4 second or 5 minutes, we obviously have a problem). 

    Nowadays, we have some pretty snazzy metrics that have let us more intelligently target who needs to be brought up and how. It's not a fast process, as we give data time to soak so that we have a control to weed out variables, but it's definitely working.

    I know tuning isn't perfect, but I think we've definitely gotten better at hitting the mark (and not over tuning wildly, either). 
  • DarknessMutaDarknessMuta Member UncommonPosts: 9
    Can we get the ability in the game options to turn off mouse move to left click.  Some of us use W to move toward the cursor and it is a pain on range heroes if our aim is a little off and we just start running toward the boss to our death.
  • Genoshaleader010Genoshaleader010 Member CommonPosts: 2
    What costume is gonna be Magik Default ?
  • StrangersApprenticeStrangersApprentice Member CommonPosts: 1
    Firstly, thank you guys so much for holding this AMA.

    I only really have one question.  Is there any news on when we might expect Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) to be released as a playable character?  More specifically, what are the chances of seeing her released sometime in 2016?
  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54
    jacari91 said:
    When is Emma Frost getting updated? And does that come with an ult that makes sense for the character?

    Can you spoil anything about Magik's playstyle?

    Are there plans to update the less than popular any-hero uniques?

    We're mostly focused on the content and reviews already scheduled for this year as far as sizable updates go, but any character who is not in a good place tuning wise is possible over the next few months.

    She's a mixed bag as you might hope, teleporting, sword play, demon summoning. There's a lot to digest.

    Yes, definitely.
  • GazLordGazLord Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 28
    "What is your single most desired piece of content that you would add to the game if possible?"
    The Immortal Weapons. (But Only After Playable Misty Knight) 
  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54

    I am going to hit the 7500 Omega cap tonight! Any news on when the cap will be increased?

    When new Omega tabs will be released?

    When the Omega review is coming?
    We're shooting for all of these things to happen at the same time. Sometime on or around the MH2016 release depending on how December goes. :)

    The next tab is "The Space One" (I always forget the name) to go with Secret Invasion.
  • sohaichamsohaicham Member UncommonPosts: 17
    Ryolnir,Gaz has allowed players to buy stash with 600 splinters..

    Is there any chance we will be able to buy 2nd stash with splinters ?
  • knox1711knox1711 Member UncommonPosts: 38

    For Iron Man...

    Unibeam needs needs to follow the trend with WM's spitfire...less channel, bigger cone...and more damage.  Right now, I can just spam Repulsor Barrage...and do the same damage as using fully charged unibeams with RB as filler.  So there is NO reward to risking the root and the narrow beam missing a hitbox, compared to just using RB...please make this a minisig :) 

    Also, his damage needs a boost, it well as QoL pass. 

    Any idea as to when IM might get some love?   Also, at the risk of getting something thrown at me, I think his mk 45 suit, his final battle armor in AoU, would be a big seller.  Thanks for giving out the mk 43 again, btw.

  • HuntGodHuntGod Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Going to reiterate the request for some clarification on the AP3 and packaging of heroes moving forward.  I have treated the AP pack as a yearly sub, basically making my commitment to the game and being rewarded for it by receiving heroes as they release at a reduced cost for my up front investment.  I like it that way, as it also feeds the completionist in me, I do not like the suggested mini pack model I've seen floating around, even if the cost is the same.  Any clarification on how you are moving forward with this?

  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54

    For Ryolnir: With 52 reviews ending with Deadpool in a month, what will be the next focus for that team? I know that we have small QoL improvements almost every 2 weeks, but I was thinking of something on a larger scale. (Visual Upgrades would be awesome!)
    As you can tell, our pace with 52 Reviews has slowed down as their quality has increased, but also as the amount of stuff we actually do has increased. As such, they're spread out over a few months, so they don't eat some insane amount of time in a month and push out a more important release. After Deadpool, we'll be shifting to some new game modes (such as Savage Land Patrol) where there are new bosses, and of course we'll be doing some post-52 reviews (similar to what Spider-Man is getting tomorrow).

    I'm hoping to sneak in some new bosses for various zones that are already in the game if @Lord will let me...
  • FoomerangFoomerang Member UncommonPosts: 5,628
    Marvel Heroes is a great online action adventure multiplayer game.  Have you ever thought about making an mmorpg?
  • sohaichamsohaicham Member UncommonPosts: 17
    Ryolnir i thk the controller support is a good idea ! However does that mean also PS4 or Xbox players have a chance to import the game into their console anytime soon ?
  • KahvehKahveh Member CommonPosts: 3
    Would Marvel pop a vein if you guys did something like a DC Heroes?
  • thomamelasthomamelas Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Not asking for specific details but can you give us a broad idea of what you're thinking for the Omega review? Any plans on removing or altering some nodes that are just terrible?
  • ashley678ashley678 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    @Ryolnir ;

    any update on the amulet slot that was meant for launch of limbo content ?

    any upcoming one shots ?

  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54

    Eolung said:
    Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    My question is: any chance we could see the characters from Agents of Shield anytime soon?

    Thanks again.
    No plans right now! Thanks for joining us!
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