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Marvel Heroes 2015 AMA With Ryolnir And Lord!



  • PhilomelosPhilomelos Member CommonPosts: 1

    First I want to say that I am really unhappy how this game evolved over the last weeks. I lost the interest after I’ve enjoyed this game for the last months. But now I more and more get annoyed by your lack of fixing issues and problems. 

    If there was a time spent x / enjoyment y graph, it would be a broken rational function with an opening to the bottom. Means: The further you’re in the game, the more it gets frustrating. And let me tell you, that’s a usual graph for things we enjoy - but your apex comes way too early in time. And there are simple reasons for this fact.

    First question: Communication. Is. Key. I loved how I could log in to the forums after my day, going through the dev tracker and reading how Doomsaw, Asros or MM say important and interesting-to-read things, e.g. how existing problems will be addressed, status quo updates or announcements. For the last few weeks there was - and still is - a lack of communication towards the customers. I’m respecting the fact that you had a significant team member loss with Doomsaw but it simply can’t be that no one is taking over his community-close and aware-of-problems-all-the-time style of work when you guys exactly know how successful this was and how your folks loved it. WHY IS THERE NO IMMEDIATE COMMUNICATION TO YOUR CUSTOMERS WHEN PROBLEMS OCCUR? How in the world can it be that you need several hours to realize/react on that there is a problem with the loot (September, new loot patch)? How in the world can it be that you need 4+ days to add event-specific items to an event that only lasts 7 days (4 weeks ago, Odin’s Bounty)? Do I have to explain that no communication seems like ignorance? TheDink currently has at least a 75% share of all dev posts in the forums. That’s just sad (no offenses, he simply can’t answer 95% of the requests) when a designer leads the posts for a whole forum. I understand that there are priorities but when there’s a problem (all your problems occur after patches, another topic btw) this problem is supposed to be of highest priority. And when you manage to do this, then you can give us all kinds of communication regarding new features and whatever. Just by the way, the last time someone said something about Deadpool was from Doomsaw. Wow. 

    Second question: Speaking of priorities. I don’t have the feeling that clearing the game of bugs is on a higher position of your list. I simply can’t believe that when I read when you guys do flowering speeches how awesome feature x will be. DON’T YOU THINK THE RELEASE SCHEDULE IS NOT DOABLE CONSIDERING THE SHEER AMOUNT OF WORK NEEDED FOR CURRENT CONTENT? There are other things that really need big amounts of work. I don’t even want to go down this list, but let me tell you that there are really really old and annoying bugs. Just please, finally focus your weekly patches on fixing bugs and not creating new bugs because honestly, that happens with 99% of your weekly patches. I’m not questioning the amount of this happening (I’m curious tho) but what’s the sense of fixing bugs by creating new ones? I haven’t seen bugs stated in patch x being fixed in patch x+1. These bugs coming from a new patch is a real big issue.

    Third question: In order to make a cut back to the first topic: Communication is two-sided. I loved this game because it felt like you listen to your players. I lost this feeling a few months ago. WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS ANY MORE? Please, don’t use Kitty as an argument that you already do listen. Let’s be honest, you just fucked her up the first time. People have mainly been asking for bug fixes, for raid improvements, for hero balances, for itemization improvements etc for ages.. According to your announcements, you focus mainly (compare the announcements regarding new content with the announcements of fixes/improvements of existing content) on new content. That’s pretty much the opposite, isn’t it?

    All those things I said and the ones floating in my mind make me worried about your strategies. You promise way too much, you deliver way too late, you focus on the wrong things, you lack communication, your actions became reactive when they should be proactive. In the end and in contrary to all I said I still think that Marvel Heroes is one of my most favorite games but you need to gain your community’s love (I am neglecting people who just celebrate you because there’s a new costume.) again. This unique community always wanted to help you - and still wants. Take that help finally.

  • dementedpatientdementedpatient Member CommonPosts: 1
    Someone in the forums posted that you said at the Barcade meetup that Mr. Fantastic is the least used hero in the game by far. What will Gaz do to encourage players to play lesser used heroes like Reed, but more specifically him?

    Is there any chance we will get his "Maker" costume next year?

    All of his costumes have the same model and face. Only what he's wearing is changed with his costumes.
  • KahvehKahveh Member CommonPosts: 3
    War Machine was released in pretty good shape, but a few tweaks here and there requested by players. It was mentioned that Gaz will be watching the numbers and making a few adjustments. That was about a month ago--any word on when that will be completed?

    Also, Magneto fans have been asking for a few QoL updates as well and I've seen that he's on a short-list of toons to get looked at. Any word on when that will happen?

    Lastly, love the game! Thanks guys!
  • KelpPlanktonKelpPlankton Member UncommonPosts: 11
  • UltimateXAllianceUltimateXAlliance Member UncommonPosts: 5
    Hirk said:
    With the team-up revamp there was talked about Synergies for Team-ups, is that still going to happen?

    such a good question, I second this

  • SouleBreakerSouleBreaker Member CommonPosts: 2
    Will Storm get a QoL soon?
  • TheEnygmaTheEnygma Member UncommonPosts: 26
    In games like Path of Exile or Diablo 3, we can kill anything we want in the game and our loot can potentially drop. However in this game, if you want say a Man-Ape necklace, it means either staying in one zone beating him over and over or re-running his one-shot. Any plans to change how this works or is this what you're planning for Danger Room?

    Any plans to tone down the visual noise of the game? Between all the spells, explosions, particles, character models, boss models, their attacks, Doombots, Iceman summons...the game is too chaotic to look at. Anything being done here?

    Any revamps to the Omega system coming soon? Like seeing the full price of nodes, the final stats gained, making the awful nodes more enticing etc?
  • JoeDirtJoeDirt Member UncommonPosts: 5
    What is your stance on Runewords, since only 2-3 are viable. Are you guys planning to revamp them and make more viable and what are the plans regarding cosmic Items which are right now only used to feed pets?
  • ComixfanComixfan Member UncommonPosts: 5

    Heya guys!

    Ryolnir, when will the playable roster for next year will be revealed? Any chance we'll finally see playable Ka-Zar (since he was originally intended as a launch character), Pyro, and Havok?

    Is there any chance that Kitty Pryde's ultimate will be changed in light of playable Magik being added? Kitty is an amazing character to play but I feel that the experience is let down by having her ultimate power be borrowing someone else's weapon. Even despite there being a good reason for it it's still not Kitty's. I'd much rather see her with an ult that shows off something that's wholly and solely hers.

    Also, is it at all possible we could see an end to alternate team-ups and instead have team-up costumes? I mean, we now have 3 Groots, 3 Spideys, 2 Wolverines, 2 Magiks, etc etc. It's getting very frustrating to have a new team-up added to the game only to find that it's a reskin of an existing team-up that has already been levelled to 60, thus feeling like having to re-level the same team-up. Plus it'd be awesome if team-ups that are also playable could use playable costumes!

    Lord, might we eventually see the dog disguise costume for Rocket (, the Proletarian costume for Colossus (, a Chipmunk Hunk costume for Squirrel Girl (, and the Marvel "Girl" costume for Deadpool (

    I know there are so many costumes requested by players and every new character that gets added to the game compounds this, but the design team is comparatively small. Are there any plans to expand the team to allow for more frequent costume releases?

    Thanks for your time, gents!

  • samuliisamulii Member CommonPosts: 3
    Lord, what kind of costumes Magik will have? Anything about Black Cat's alternate costume?

    Ryolnir, can you tease a little bit about Magik? Anything, power names, tree names, how the sig or ultimate functions...
  • sadurmsadurm Member UncommonPosts: 3
    edited October 2015
    What is the plan to bring the currently dead content back to being active?

    Raid farming for loot is incredibly bad, a 1% drop chance at a unique with no other loot in the farm table ends up with 500+ 8 minutes kills per hero with 50 heroes on the roster.

    Holo - Sim, Xdef, PvP, Farming Raids has been left dead for 1-2 years, when will these areas and other dead content be fixed?
  • CommissarSCVCommissarSCV Member UncommonPosts: 24
    Can I have a Kl'rt costume that can be equipped to any one of the FF heroes?  I will also accept a fully playable hero version as a consolation  ;)
  • SadareSadare Member UncommonPosts: 15
    Will we see the American Dream enhanced costume any time soon ?
  • ferkachuferkachu Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Any chance to see the Dark Avengers in One-Shot or some Story chapter?

    Is on your plans to improve Psylocke ranged build options?
  • banditoabanditoa Member UncommonPosts: 13
    edited October 2015

    whats the visual theme/location of the incoming tower defense mode? we haven't seem much in the way of exotic or exciting locations this year. central park in ultron mode, a busted up highway in genosha, and the docks in industry city aren't too visually interesting, hoping it's something we haven't seen before yet

    who is your favorite marvel character, and why is it black widow, and also whats up with her costumes -- she needs more


    on a scale from 23 to 24 how many hours a day do you spend working on jeans hair?

    srsly tho black widow visuals/costumes/animations/kickyflips is there anything to tell?
  • DustellarDustellar Member CommonPosts: 1
    Hello guys, thanks for this :)

    • First of all, I'm a big fan of Hank Pym, everyone knows that, I feel that he isn't fully represented in the game... Ant-Man represents only a small part of him and his powers, he doesn't appear in the cinematics of the game, not even in the Ultron mode, his creation/son! he's not important in the plot of the game and I want to know if that will change with the new chapter of the story mode... considering that he (Criti-Noll) was important in Secret Invasion, alongside Spider-Woman (Veranke)

    • We could have spoilers of omega system? I read that it would be improved or something, I want to know.
  • TheBestSpiderManTheBestSpiderMan Member UncommonPosts: 3
    1. When will Spidey get a visual update? Is it possible that his default will be replaced with the ANAD costume is a similar procedure to what happened with Ms. Marvel? And can his default VO please be rewritten and revoiced to reflect a change to his adult persona (by CDB or Josh Keaton preferably)? Please read this thread for more detailed reasons as to why this would be a good idea (since I don't want to clutter this post up):

    Most everyone has agreed, so it would be nice to get some developer insight. @GazLord ;

    2. Is Agent Venom likely for 2016? Ryolnir has stated that he really liked my hero suggestion thread for him, and Doomsaw had agreed with my thread detailing why Agent Venom should be out in 2016. @Ryolnir ;

    3. Please, when is Spider-Man 2099 enhanced costume coming? We need it now! @GazLord ;

    And thanks to all of you for doing this AMA! These are always fun! :)
  • purpleshadow1purpleshadow1 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Hirk said:
    With the team-up revamp there was talked about Synergies for Team-ups, is that still going to happen?

    such a good question, I second this

    I third it!
  • resivkresivk Member UncommonPosts: 28
    Will we (players) be getting any UI updates to showing buffs/debuffs anytime soon?

    It seems random that new uniques/artifacts will show their active buff icons on the buff ui, but then sometimes other new ones don't.

    I know it's a big undertake to go back and fix all of them, but a better buff/debuff display system would go a long way towards overall QoL update. 

    What's the status on the promised 2nd part of Team Up 2.0? Team up synergies!!! Any other point to having all teamups at 60? Something to ask them to move somewhere else? My teamups keep getting hit by Jug's dash!

  • leifstigleifstig Member UncommonPosts: 7
    edited October 2015
    In regards to Marvel Heroes 2016; what are your main goals by "revitalizing" the game? - and are we talking a big change like when we went from the previous iteration to the 2015 version?

    Seen so much great change with the game over the past few years - really looking forward to the 2016 version :+1: 

    Just wish there was more support for EU players though, as the latency can easily sky-rocket and in general affects the gameplay in odd ways at times (even with 100-200ms).
  • MoonStoneXMoonStoneX Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Gonna ask the question everyone is going to ask.

    When will the new Defense Rework go Live?

    Will "Armor " have Diminishing Returns?

    Can we expect Danger Room before December?

    What ever happened to reworking all the Non-Boss/Raid Any-Hero Uniques?

    I know you are adding Special Uniques and Artifacts to bosses in the game but do the Sinister Clones also count?

    Will the new Patrol Zone be more like Midtown in ICP?

    Is there a new One-Shot in the works that we can expect to com in early 2016?


  • NalfyrNalfyr Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Is there Still work being done to add level Scaling to the game? so a lvl 60 could go to say act 3 and not be all godlike.. Some of us like being able to play the story again without having to prestige down to lvl 1 again.

    Symbiote rocket costume won the last costume poll , and Smybiote wolverine spoiled before that.
    those coming anytime soon? and Still Dying in hopes for American Dream.

    --and just have to say I liked the when wearing Gwen costume the team up turned to Spider-girl SAD thats being Removed :(
  • RaynMaykrRaynMaykr Member UncommonPosts: 4
    edited October 2015
    The approach to communication with the player base from our side seems to have taken a turn recently away from what made playing your game even more enjoyable than most others.

    In simplest terms, you went from a spoiler-rich environment to something much less.  And I know you're doing this AMA, but it's changing the culture in the community as I see it.

    QUESTION:  Do you plan to change the way communication with the playbase has been happening over the last few months?

    I've been here since closed beta.  Doomsaw's apprach to the community right after launch actually kept me playing your game.  I actually made the decision to spend money several times because his approach was so far above ANY other game I've played... it was phenomenal.  The community has lost that spark..... and I desperately want to get it back.

    Think about it.
  • KelpPlanktonKelpPlankton Member UncommonPosts: 11
    Are there any plans for more 200 splinter heroes right now?  I don't mean in a "could this ever happen again" sense, but in a more immediate "in the next 6 to 12 months" sense.
  • SchnubbelDubbel11SchnubbelDubbel11 Member CommonPosts: 1
    There is talk about a huge revamp on the defense. Will this include workover for the last 3 heroes without damage negation (like psylocke)? Or will those get a revamp prior, cause the redo might take along time?
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