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Marvel Heroes 2015 AMA With Ryolnir And Lord!



  • SlitherenSlitheren Member CommonPosts: 1
    Hey first,,  
    Any news about pvp being out of beta?  
  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54
    sadurm said:
    What is the plan to bring the currently dead content back to being active?

    Raid farming for loot is incredibly bad, a 1% drop chance at a unique with no other loot in the farm table ends up with 500+ 8 minutes kills per hero with 50 heroes on the roster.

    Holo - Sim, Xdef, PvP, Farming Raids has been left dead for 1-2 years, when will these areas and other dead content be fixed?
    Review their loot, make them fun, fix bugs that allow players to exploit them so that we can make them much more rewarding. You personally have given us a lot of good ideas for that, actually.

    Trust me, if it's possible, I may dislike the current state of those modes even more than you.
  • RancidBiskitsRancidBiskits Member CommonPosts: 1
    When will I be able to look forward to Cloak and Dagger playable?
  • AjishiAjishi Member UncommonPosts: 15
    Ryolnir will Shang Chi be enhanced costume to Iron Fist ?
  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54
    Nalfyr said:
    Is there Still work being done to add level Scaling to the game? so a lvl 60 could go to say act 3 and not be all godlike.. Some of us like being able to play the story again without having to prestige down to lvl 1 again.

    Symbiote rocket costume won the last costume poll , and Smybiote wolverine spoiled before that.
    those coming anytime soon? and Still Dying in hopes for American Dream.

    --and just have to say I liked the when wearing Gwen costume the team up turned to Spider-girl SAD thats being Removed :(

    1) Yes. That's very important to us, but very time consuming. It's being worked on every month.

    2) Symbiote Venom we'd like to ship on Halloween. Rocket is coming along nicely... barely missed being shown off for NYCC.

    3) American Dream someday I think.
  • UltimateXAllianceUltimateXAlliance Member UncommonPosts: 5
    If your still taking last minute questions I've wanted so long to see something done with Latveria. easily the coolest map. gigantic. hidden rooms, cool dungeons. I mean epic!

    Is there ANY plans to re use this map for anything more than story? It's glorious!
  • GazLordGazLord Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 28
    JoeDirt said:
    Dear Lord, 
    ok that came out wrong, let's start again.
    Dear Ryolnir and  Lord (AKA Art Director)  Thanks for coming here and answering some questions. I have a few  questions .

    I am sad there was no questions in there for me to answer.
  • ragzincragzinc Member CommonPosts: 1
    @Ryolnir ;

    Thanks again for doing this!

    Can we have a sticky somewhere in the forums with a General Road Map of MH's future?

    It would nice to have a little timeline so the community would know what's upcoming
  • AjishiAjishi Member UncommonPosts: 15
    edited October 2015
    Ryolnir i saw update regarding LeaderBoard ..

    Can you elaborate on this ?

    Will the leaderboard be concerning PVP ?
  • IsencoreIsencore Member UncommonPosts: 6
    Since you can't give us a date on Deadpool yet can we get a few good spoilers of things to come other than the vespa movement power???

    Herp derp!
  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54
    KingSheet said:
    @Ryolnir ;

    Shuri has alot of voice lines, but I was wondering Why she Says Nothing to Man Ape?

    She was recorded before my time dealing with VO, but yes, she should get a Man-Ape line.
  • scarfacebishopscarfacebishop Member CommonPosts: 2
    Any plans in this new defense system that is going to deal with the need for invulnerability on cores?
  • PrydarPrydar Member UncommonPosts: 3
    I believe I heard mention sometime about customizable UI or addons eventually making it in the game.  Is that true, and if so, how far out? (1 year, 2 years?) What types of addons/customizations are you thinking?  Full on LUA/scripting, or just GUI changes?  
  • AjishiAjishi Member UncommonPosts: 15
    Any chance to add a new terminal boss ?

    Also is there plans to revamp use of cube shards ?
  • acajowindbreakeracajowindbreaker Member CommonPosts: 1
    Did you guys expect the 2015 update/version to take off like it did? It seems that every time I heard podcasts or gaming blogs mention Marvel Heroes, they mention that the 2015 version made the game what it should have been in the beginning. 

    Has 2015's reception in any way affected how you went about key 2016 changes?
  • DarknessMutaDarknessMuta Member UncommonPosts: 9
    Since Wolverine is Old Man Logan now for the foreseeable Marvel future with ANAD, any plans to move that costume to a regular store purchase or make a new one so it is always accessible for those that may want his current look?
  • LordMilutinLordMilutin Member UncommonPosts: 4
    @Ryolnir You said that team up 2.0 is just the first part of that new system. What happened to the 2nd part and when/if it is due? :)
  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54

    How would you guys feel about a Marvel Villains game instead of letting so many of the villains be playable in Marvel Heroes?
    They're Thunderbolts!!! 

    Insert winky/tongue face here. These emoticons are weird!!
  • AjishiAjishi Member UncommonPosts: 15
    Any chance chase costume will return and purchasable by 600 ES ?
  • XanTiikzXanTiikz Member CommonPosts: 1
    1) Any news on superior iron man ?

    2) Any chance of an age of ultron style hulkbuster for war machine ?

  • ValamsitValamsit Member CommonPosts: 6

    Talking about voice overs... why does Wiccan refer to Lady Loki as 'hot'? The voice over in this game is phenomenally good, it’s just that line sticks out... it’s just feels very strange for Wiccan to say that..

  • AjishiAjishi Member UncommonPosts: 15
    Will we get a Stan Lee team up anytime soon ?
  • MrTouchdownMrTouchdown Member CommonPosts: 2
    Valamsit said:

    Talking about voice overs... why does Wiccan refer to Lady Loki as 'hot'? The voice over in this game is phenomenally good, it’s just that line sticks out... it’s just feels very strange for Wiccan to say that..

    Real recognize real
  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54
    Sadare said:
    Will we ever get a clock under the mini map, A QoL feature many have requested. 

    Also look forward to you guys pulling off the internal testing of customising how our rosters look, be nice if can have all  the heros wearing what we want them to and able to reorder them with our favorites at top or jsut in general more flexability, maybe a small thing as for game play goes but for QoL  its a nice one. Used to it in COH could completely arrange your char select as you liked 
    Clock is coming soon!
  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,973
    Is there an exact date for the release of Angel?  I'm looking forward to playing him and Blade.  :awesome: 

    "We all do the best we can based on life experience, point of view, and our ability to believe in ourselves." - Naropa      "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."  SR Covey

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