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Paragraphs not working on comments

DarLorkarDarLorkar Member UncommonPosts: 1,082
As title...i can post comment of an article and use paragraphs and it removes the spaces when you hit post.

If you edit they are there, but hit edit and they disappear.

If you however close then reopen original post but go the the posts where they have pages, not through the article part. You can edit and add the paragraphs back in and it works.

If you open an article read the article and scroll down there there are no pages just comments people have made. That is where if you comment (or at least if i do) the paragraphs never work. 

If i go back to main page and then do not go through the read article link but just use the pages and then post or edit i can put paragraphs (spaces) in the post.

Hope that is clear enough on the bug. I tried to search for paragraphs but came up on way too many to find if this was posted before.
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