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Video, Horizons Planet Reveal (zoom out from surface of planetoid)

TheYear1500TheYear1500 Member UncommonPosts: 531
edited October 2015 in Elite: Dangerous
"This is a quick-and-dirty un-edited capture from Horizons from a debug build on one of our dev machines, using the debug camera on an SRV and just zooming out ever faster from a crash site on the surface of a rocky potato-shaped planetoid, not unlike Vesta in our solar system. There are tons of little details we plan to tweak or fix, but I thought it would be great for you guys to see where we’re up to with this."

Edit: Peek of the week. 

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  • TheYear1500TheYear1500 Member UncommonPosts: 531
    edited October 2015
    Sorry not used to the new forum format, video can now be watched in the thread.  
  • rpmcmurphyrpmcmurphy Member EpicPosts: 3,497
    Really nice to get a good sense of scale. Going to awesome being in a tiny Scarab and seeing just how large ships like the T9 and Anaconda really are.
  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,217

    MAKO racing on airless moons.

    Have fun
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