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[Exile - Entity 2 (US)] Recruiting For Shenanigans

Spankster77Spankster77 Member UncommonPosts: 487
edited October 2015 in Guild Recruitment

Agents of Oblivion is a WoW transfer guild looking to build our roster for dungeons, PvP, and raids. 

We are a group of longtime gamers and friends that have been playing MMOs together since 2007.  Most of that time has been spent in WoW but we have also played several other MMOs together as a guild.  We have decided to make Wildstar our new home and we are super excited to welcome some new friends into our close knit group of immature mature (18 +) players. 

Our goal is to build a solid roster of gamers that enjoy having fun while slaying pixels!  We are looking to build a community here in Wildstar, not just a group of strangers passing in the game, so we do ask that all our members have vent, a working mic, a sense of humor, and like to whip and nae nae (*optional*).

We are currently in the process of leveling and building, so if we sound like your cup of tea, feel free to hit us up no matter what your experience or level. 

If interested please go to http://agentsofoblivion.gamerlaunch.com and fill out a painless application or hit up Spanks Nasty or Dusty Redstone in game. 

*Warning - website is under construction but the applications should work*

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