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KOTFE interesting info

MalaboogaMalabooga Member UncommonPosts: 2,977
Very nice info on lot of stuff.

#1 SWTOR: Thexan armor will hit the CM before Fallen Empire launch.

#2 Full set of 188 rating gear for new 60's

#3 Crit and Surge same stat, all main stats now Mastery, can roll on any gear.

#4 if you want to complete class stories, hutt cartel, and shadow of revan, you must do it BEFORE you start KOTFE.

#5 New chapters will be coming after the holidays. 40 character limit

#6 Start at 60 characters get crew skills all 500/500

#7 some characters like Darth Marr not customizable, but most of your companions are, just for looks though. The 192 yavin companion gear will now transform to legacy gear, and your character can wear it.

#8 Level Syncing confirmed (will update) - 60 goes down to 18 (highest level possible to do content) on DK, still have all disciplines, passives, abilities, utilities. Still VERY strong, no problem killing stuff. Not optional to not scale! only stats change, getting experience for any level. You can still get experience and gear. Level sync is everywhere not just heroics.

#9 LEGEND status for those who have completed all 8 class stories.

#10 Akk Dog Companions, get in packs or gtn, combat pets! No storylines, cant sell trash.

#11 Bad Arsh new armor! (sith recluse armor)

#12 Snap to grid UI features.

#13 no prerequisite to access fallen empire, main storylines gone when u start, no class stories, no ziost, no makeb, no yavin, but side content and dailies

#14 blog next week for crafting, cap is 500, no tiers,start a blue quality(more useable), also adaptive, materials relevant to crafting the items, cut down on bloat, removing some stuff,. NEW patterns, OLD items archive section. No w you can gather no matter your skill level. The skill level will dictate how much you get. More missions, all per grade are available at any time. Old materials will change into new useable materials

#15 Group finder - (looks amazing)

#16 no longer a weekly commendation limit!

#17 Can now whisper people from guild window,

#18 LEGACY - legacy datacrons! (TAB) , speeder piloting can be obtained at lvl 1, Summon random mount, summon random pet.

#19 No cape clip on mounts, mount flourish that will change mount animation,

#20 Collections - searchable , filter options, dont have to switch chars to unlock things.

#21 Events - New vendor that requires loot from all events.

#22 1-50 changes - Play through class stories, and primary planetary missions only needed to level. All missions still there will be flagged as exploration missions.

#23 heroic weeklies will give armor your level and commendations, scale to level and have automatic transport there.

#24 companion and contacts ties into alliance, a lot more details before early access starts.

#25 more pvp content in future not in fallen empire, no more 12 x xp boost.

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