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I guess I am just gonna have to accept Pay 2 win cash shops, and gambling boxes lol.



  • AdamantineAdamantine Member UncommonPosts: 4,001
    The most interesting part of f2p is that it works.

    The only reason why people start really complaining about it is because now everybody does it, it starts to get really stupid.

    However - it works. Why ? I dont understand it really. This certainly should teach you something about human beings.

    Personally I accept:

    Subscription based - As long as we are in a world in which everything costs money, my prefered model. I can get a good game and I know the devs will have full refrigerators etc, too.

    Buy to play - The Guild Wars model. Frankly I consider Guild Wars crap. Its an horrendously boring game. That gives me a prejudice against games like that; I dont think this model can actually work. GW was extremely optimized for having as little network traffic as possible, as a result it wasnt really a seamless persistent noninstanced world, but instead you left town and would be in a singleplayer game unless you had someone in your party.

    Real free to play - That one I wouldnt object to either.

    I kind of ended up tolerating SOEs "freemium". You could still have a subscription, you could get some items from the shop since you got a monthly bonus from the subscription, and there wasnt really anything but convenience and fluff items in the shop - nothing you really needed. The free players however needed certain items from the shop, if they reached higher levels - and those items wouldnt be too cheap either. So basically people could do an extensive test run of the game.

  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer Member EpicPosts: 8,292
    Herase said:
    Herase said:
    Sooo, has anyone tested this or seen how much it costs? Cause we seem to be taking words someone heard by someone else, somewhere. I've looked over that shop like 600 times, because i've earned enough coins in-game to buy what I want from the cash shop (only game I've played that offers this, if people could name more?) and haven't seen anything related to what the op is talking about :/

    Let us know which had more stuff, higher level, more wins at pvp, more general deaths, ect.

    In my theory, the account you spent 3000 on, is going to have a significant amount of more stuff, a way higher level, way more wins at pvp, and 0 deaths. Also record your dps, ect. 

    Pay 2 Win, Pay 2 have more, Pay 2 have a advantage, Pay 2 just be a general better character.
    but what exactly on the store cause the said things above? As i said I've looked over that store and haven't seen anything that could cause what you said above, especially 0 deaths and top dps.

     I'm genuinely asking, just so you know.
    Here's where the big misconceptions about this business model are. Everyone says this. "What's in the cash shop that's P2W?" But that's the thing. It's not about what's in the cash shop. It's what's in the game. It's the Mechanics.

    If a developer is going to make a game P2W, they are going to hide it in the game.

    The game I had the most exposure to that was P2W was Rappelz. The P2W factor in that game was mostly around RNG boosters, specifically around increasing your chances to get a better upgrade when you enhanced your gear or pets. Individually, they were minor and didn't look like much. But the effect over time became obvious when non paying players could no longer achieve success and hit the "glass ceiling" that consistently paying customers could break through. Paying once or twice in the shop didn't make the difference. Since success was granted only a little more often, it took months to show up, but it did. And yet, to look at the game's mechanics and then look at the item. It really just looks like a "one time success boost" So what? I can take my chances right?

  • HeraseHerase Member RarePosts: 930
    edited October 2015
    I get that, and i've seen it as well, but there's nothing hidden in what the OP is talking about. The ceiling can be broken by any non-paying player and the list of things he said, won't cause such an outcome.

    Have much more stuff? How would having good runes give me more stuff? Higher level? Levelling isn't a grind and I can purchase all the pots on the CS for free with omnicoins, which are given left, right and center ( level 20 and have 300 on a new toon), plus you can get them as log-in rewards, leveling bags and many other ways. 0 deaths? That's down the players skill, having runes won't make you immortal.

    Dps? Now we're on to something that could be serious. I would be agreeing with the OP if, re-rolling was only for paying players or the option to pick a specific element slot was to, but it isn't. Both players have to pay gold to add an extra slot and re-roll a random element. To pick a specific element, you use service coins, service coins are given out for free while you level, so by max level you should have more than enough to play around with the runes for free. If by then you have none for some mad reason, you can buy them with omnicoins, again by max level you should have more than enough. 

    IMHO, unless your aiming for the 1% top tier raiding, you would be wasting money, as there is no point.  TBH even I would say it's a waste even if you are the 1% :/
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  • NeuriaNeuria Member UncommonPosts: 9
    End of the day, it's clear the OP has no solid facts to give us and is only going off of opinion (which has been proven false, by solid facts). It's even more obvious he doesn't actually play the game (or didn't for long at all) nor know what he's talking about, and furthermore self-admitted to not enjoying MMOs. Why he's even here, I have no idea.

    There's little reason responding to this thread further, all points have been made.
  • HellscreamHellscream Member UncommonPosts: 66
    I would never laugh at the people who spend money in the store these people who buy in store are the ones that keep the game going for the people who do not spend money in the game need money to keep a game running servers and everything else are not cheap to run MMO's in general are not cheap to run.

    And if you don't like the cash shops and gambling boxes no one is forcing you to buy them either its in no way stopping you from enjoying the game.

    Also if people want to spend there money on a game i see no issues with that if they want to spend there money that way that's there thing.
  • Superman0XSuperman0X Member RarePosts: 2,019
    I dont accept F2P, at all, in any form. 
    Everyone on this forum accepts F2P in some form... This forum uses a form of the SAAS/F2P model. If you didn't accept that, you would not be posting here.

    F2P is a basic business model. It is called SAAS in the enterprise market, and is the most commonly used business model  (free content, paid for on the back end) on the web as well as television. It is very effective whenever there is a low cost of production/replication of content.

    It is very common to attribute other factors to F2P that are not actually part of the model. It does not mean that they can not be used in conjunction with the model, but it does mean that the model can operate without them.
  • WizardryWizardry Member EpicPosts: 13,606
    Keywords >>back end.
    The term free is simply misused and not factual,so it is not something we should accept.

    Our back end internet is a fixed rate,we also have choice where and when to use it and it can access the entire world.A game ONLY allows you to access what it wants you to and you have to pay for it separately.

    There is of course always greed out there,the governments have tried or thought about ways to nickle and dime us as if  the government feels it deserves to make money off of the airwaves.It will eventually happen and not because it should but.One government ,likely the USA will start using some excuse about using the money to fund something important,so eventually the whole world  will be a cash shop,yes even breathing the air and using he airwaves.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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