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4+ Months of development and funds towards Star Citizen movie capture!

SeelinnikoiSeelinnikoi Member RarePosts: 1,360
Interestingly came across this article and the estimates are that $8m+ (according to industry experts) has been spent during the full 4 months (at least) for a top-level movie cast performance.

The article from

Chris Roberts discusses his ambitions for Squadron 42 and spending four months on performance capture

Star Citizen’s single-player campaign Squadron 42 will have a top-level movie cast bigger than any other game, Cloud Imperium CEO Chris Roberts has claimed.

Speaking to Develop, Roberts said he cast Squadron 42 like he would have done during his time working in film, an industry where he spent a number of years working as a director and producer. Earlier this year, the team spent four months shooting performance capture for the game at Ealing Studios in the UK.

“We have a top-level movie cast more than any game that’s been out there, period, by a long way,” he said.

“So I cast it like I did my movies. It’s acted like the movies. We have the full performance capture, we’re pushing the tech as much as possible.”

Cloud Imperium is working with firms such as 3Lateral and Cubic Motion to help bring the single-player campaign to life. Roberts said all performances in-game will occur in real-time, rather than a pre-rendered cutscene.

“It should be different the way Wing Commander 3 and 4 felt, where you saw the scenes play out, which was kind of cool,” he said.

“But this is all fluid, first-person, in the game itself, and you’re under full control. It’s not pre-canned or anything. You’re hanging out with these people that you would know, and they’re your wingmen, your commanding officer or whatever. I think it’s going to be great.”

Roberts said the studio has yet to share too much information on the single-player element of Star Citizen as he does not want to ruin the narrative for players. He claimed however that it will "compete with the biggest triple-A games".

He added that further details on Squadron 42 will be announced at CitizenCon in Manchester on October 10th.

We’ll be publishing our full interview with Chris Roberts on the state of Star Citizen and where the crowdfunding money for one of the most expensive games of all time has been invested in the October issue of Developmagazine, which is out next week.


What you guys think of this use of funds?
I personally think they should have spent improving gameplay or, you know, actually making and shipping the game by now....

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  • makasouleater69makasouleater69 Member UncommonPosts: 1,096
    Thats funny haha. Ill laugh, if when the game comes out, it is just a interactive movie. Like a adult Dora the Explorer game haha. 
  • jcrg99jcrg99 Member UncommonPosts: 723
    edited September 2015
    While its cool to have stars on games, the question is? What about the game? People was more than happy with 1 star and now, it seems that they are going to put the biggest group of stars ever in a video-game. At what cost?

    The reflex of all what seems a total lack of focus in what matters as delivering value to customers is already felt in their own results, since their flight model is seriously questioned inside their community and mainly outside (where the censorship does not work so well as they want).

    I mean, Starlancer for example, was a great game in my opinion. Just short and superficial. But the flying was cool, challenging, not challenging in a weird way that make no sense, at the same time that you can just quit from that and get your mouse and win. And I think that from all games that I played from CR, Star Citizen is from far, the worst one, by far, in the most important matter, the flying, the dog-fighting. So, its a shame indeed, that they abandoned what matters more, to focus on features just like this one (more stars from hollywood) which only adds marketing value, not soooo much game value. It sounds just a focus on marketing in their actions. On ego.

    It seems the trend. I see they spending a lot of time on things that sounds more like interested to be talked about, to appear in the press/magazines, than actually be a great experience, and in general, they end to be a worst experience for a lot of people. That's part of the issue with this project, since on top of that we have the absurd cash grabbing and bait-and-switch in their advertising, as well as lies that were told, and later discovered as past lies, in further speech, when were more convenient (a lot more money in their hands) to tell "the true", which with lawsuit or not, it leads to a natural lost of trust on people, and not just for this crowdfunded project as well said in the recent article of The Escapist.

    While I think that its going to be great (Squadron 42) for my personal taste, I think that the overhype that it will cause, plus the difficulties to transform it in the PU dreams, is what is going to kill this project for good, IF, optimistically (and very optimistically) they deliver at least Squadron 42.

    If they release Squadron 42, which before I though that was totally feasible, now I think that will be an accomplishment.

    But the big problem remains: the PU, because that one, is like an impossible target, considering the realities of the market and how CIG screwed themselves in their marketing along the last years (and as they continue - now selling a U$ 900 JPEG).

    Impossible to maintain, to advance... and with what is done, been criticized and disliked by many people for different reasons, besides all the restrictions that will make that work properly only in high-end machines and in certain locations of the world.

    But if you believe, don't miss... There are a ship of 900 dollars been sold now. Don't miss none. They will need that you buy at least 10, each one, to be able to deliver and keep all their dreams in the long term... Or, will be something like, 10 years of tech demos, and 1 of live as a "complete" (probably half-assed considering what they promised) game, and they are done.
  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,299
    They are working through the stretch goals with that extensive mocap work:

    "Squadron 42 will feature celebrity voice-acting including at least one favorite from Wing Commander and 50 total missions."

    "Professional motion capture for the Squadron 42 cutscenes."

    "access to cutting edge sound effects and Hollywood voice talent!"

    "Facial Capture System. We’ve researched a technology that uses a series of cameras to capture real heads and import them into the game. This will let the team more easily create a variety of realistic characters. In addition, the technology is mobile enough to allow us to take it on the road and capture select fans during special events! You can learn more about this technology at Infinite-Realities."

    Have fun
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