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Elder Scrolls Online | Imperial City From a PvE Perspective - Is it Worth It? | MMORPG



  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,415
    I'm pretty much a PvE player. I have to say that Imperial City is okay for PvE. The problem I have with just about any PvP mixed in with PvE areas is that PvP players are jerks (keeping it PG here lol). There are some honorable PvP players, but from my many years of MMO experience, it's just that way. They will wait until you pull a boss to kill you. They will camp areas where people return regularly with large amount of loot to steal (in loot games like Imperial City sort of is). They will zerg and run over you and you die in about .5 seconds lol. There are forms of PvP that I don't mind as much, but all of them involve little to no PvE at all. Face it, they just don't mix well. I actually like Cyrodiil and siege or defending keeps is a blast. Arena type PvP in other games is also pretty fun. I think the difference is that you expect to be killed by players in PvP only areas. Where they are mixed in with each other, sometimes you just want to PvE, but some jerk does something like mentioned above and ruins your immersion and/or fun.
  • MisterZebubMisterZebub Member EpicPosts: 2,229
    Iselin said:
    Iselin said:
    SlyLoK said:
    Orsinium will be for the PvE players and those PvE players trying to play in the Imperial City will move on. 
    Or you know, maybe they tried something new and (gasp!) they liked it.

    Some posters in their PVE vs. PVP posts come across like stodgy old geezers who tried something in 1939, liked it, and no one will ever be able to get them to try something else.

    Variety... spice of life and stuff... you know? :)
    Or alternatively they are players who are playing a game based on a beloved NON PVP based IP that have the choice to either not participate in this new expansion or be force to play a type of game play they do not like and never asked for. If Zenimax didn't want them in their game they should never had tried to market a game towards them.

     Now as a PVP hound I find ESO's PVP to be completely lightweight and meaningless, and therefore not enjoyable. If I want that type of game play I'll just go play an FPS or a MOBA and avoid what I feel is an unnecessary amount of PVE features to enjoy PVP. So my argument isn't "You got PVP in my PVE game!! WAHHH!!!" Its that Zenimax is trying to cater to two entirely separate communities of players and doing a poor job for either. So people need to stop blaming the players and shove that shit back at Zenimax where it truly belongs.

    And the best bit of irony, you continuously defend this game by claiming the people you argue against are too closed minded and unable to see anyone elses point of view or as you called them stodgy old geezers who refuse to change, yet time and again its you who refuses to bother to see any viewpoint but your own and instead of offering a rational argument you jump straight to blanket personnel insults. So yeah variety is the spice of life, too bad that seems to mean you feel everyone should like only what you like.
    Not everyone buys into the idea that PVErs and PVPers are two "entirely separate communities." You apparently do since you're always harping on about how you see something wrong with ESO having both types of game play in abundance.

    Apparently you're comfortable with the figurative forum finger pointing when people take sides and declare themselves to be 100% one of the two and the other side is the scum of the earth who are either carebears or griefers. Those are the ones whose posts come accros like stodgy old geezers and yeah I will blanket insult them for their close-minded selfishness.

    Darkness Falls in DAoC exposed many people who were hesitant about trying PVP for the first time. That was a very good thing in that it enabled many players to step out of their comfort zone, try something new and many found, to their surprise that they enjoyed it. Those types of more open minded gamers I have all the time in the world for. ESO in a lesser way is also doing that with the IC... which is a very large part of the point of Christina's article.

    We know all about your blind hatred of ESO (and the attraction it apparently holds for you as well since you can't resist the topic.) You don't really have to constantly remind us and make a fool of yourself by comparing it to MOBAs and saying it's "lightweight and meaningless." Which, BTW, in case you haven't noticed this about yourself, is your way of making blanket personal insults at everyone who enjoys it. Although to be fair your points are so over the top with exaggerated vitriol that we're a lot more amused than offended by them.

    Now is that rational argument enough for you?
    Actually its the exact hostile self serving response I expected. Thanks for staying true to form.

    "To be frank, I think his world had vanished long before he ever entered it, but I will say: He certainly sustained the illusion with a marvelous grace!"

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