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Star Citizen and Direct X12 - improving lower-end hardware performance

ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,299

GamersNexus has an interesting article on how Star Citizen will benefit from DirectX 12 and Mantle.
--> Quote:
"DirectX 12, as we show in our draw call benchmark, has the potential to massively benefit lower-end CPUs".
"Both Dx12 and Vulkan, formerly “OpenGL Next,” benefit games of large-scale nature by improving lower-end hardware performance."

Especially when you take the benchmarks mentioned above into account.

That sounds to me that this will make Star Citizen playable on significantly more machines than currently.

There is also a vblog interview with Chris Roberts on that topic.

Have fun


  • VrikaVrika Member LegendaryPosts: 7,891
    They still need to implement a lot more things into the game, and they also want to increase the player limit per instance. It's unlikely they'll be able to do all that and lower the system requirements at the same time.
  • JonBonJawaJonBonJawa Member UncommonPosts: 489
    I can´t wait for the upgrade to DX12 - this will be a MAJOR core ingredient to boost overall performance.

    They haven´t even finished the optimzation and it runs really good on my 680 - even better with DX12 when it´s in
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