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A question for Veteran ?

Standing on the sidelines for release and the entire time Lord of the Rings Online was subscription based, I've always seen positive reactions about the gameplay graphics and most of all the community seemed to be the better ones of a long list of mmos.  Practically no complaining at all. I'm being honest, I was about to subscribe exactly when the game was announcing F2P.  This squashed any chance of playing as I don't like anything about F2P.  For me F2P is cancer.  Infact F2P destroyed my love for Dungeons and Dragons Online, I really did love that game.

Reflecting back, again still only on the sidelines, I don't remember complaints about low populations.

Now for my question for Veteran players.

Is it possible Lord of the Rings Online switch to Free-to-play just because it was a surprisingly financial good move for Dungeons and Dragons Online ?

- Was the population THAT low ?

- Was this against the wishes of the players ?


  • vonryan123vonryan123 Member UncommonPosts: 277
    they have one of the better F2P models you buy content sub or not and its yours no BS. The pop in all games drifts after a few years so yes it was getting lower. The game is coming back and they are doing free server mergers right now from dead servers. They didn't really ask us if we wanted it but tbh after the rush of spammers and kiddies were gone I think F2P was a good move.

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member RarePosts: 4,820
    edited September 2015
    I agree with @vonryan123 ;, from the "old-fashioned" models they have one of the most flexible f2p... still one of my favourites, but I don't like a few changes (mostly MC).

    As for the questions, not veterans you need, no veterans have insider infos, just hearsays :wink: Especially since there were two LotROs back then, not one. Anyways, some opinions:
    -Was it because of DDO's success - very possible.

    -Population - was lower than during Moria years, Mirkwood was a mixed bag and some folks left. But it was fairly stable, at least under Codies. Hearsay: under Turbine it was slowly decreasing.

    -Against the wishes - not entirely. There were hopeful voices too, based on DDO, that f2p will revitalise the population. I could say it was more like a cautious, analitical anticipation than raging against it - again, at least on our side. Maybe because we were just passengers... not that US players had any power over the change :wink: , but for us it was like an outside force - Turbine will decide something, and Codies will have to follow. So while part of the players were unhappy with the upcoming changes, part of them moderately welcomed it, and everyone waited for the details. Luckily we had 2 months for preparing, while US folks wrestled with the system :lol:
    In the end the Eu switch was fairly smooth and without much raging, since we knew everything about the model by then. edit: and the glitches and bugs were squashed already, thanks to the other side of the pond :wink: 
  • BrenicsBrenics Member RarePosts: 1,939
    Just so you know I was there in beta and when it went F2P, still kick myself for not spending the money for lifetime sub. I only have one problem with their F2P. To me paying a sub for the game means never having to use the store. Their model is setup to where you still need to access it to up tasks and such. Also they do not give enough points when you sub (500 is nothing), I think it should be like 1000 or a little more.

    Other than that I love the game, they do capture the feeling of the hobbit and the ring.
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