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Horizons and future content update



  • BuccaneerBuccaneer Member UncommonPosts: 654
    If you wait it's £40. If you buy now it's £60 (with £10 off discount). Only you can decide if 10 weeks or so of gaming before Horizons comes out is worth that additional £20.
    Next week it releases on XBox, it's possible they'll offer some discount to PC/Mac as a marketing thing.
    Thanks for the info.  I'll most likely wait until the expansion hits and see how it turns out.  Still got a few games on my steam account I haven't tried yet so the wait will not be too bad.
  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,236
    E:D Horizons Beta Test starts 24th Nov 2015.

    Have fun
  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,236,3/elite-dangerous,86213.html

    Ground vehicle driving around a Federation corvette.

    Have fun
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