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Rangora Sever: crazy advanced, how?

DeadlobsterDeadlobster Member UncommonPosts: 126
I was thinking about playing the frsh start server. It is crazy advanced already with obsidian drops and a bunch of other stuff. I thought this would take time to catch up to the level other servers were at.


  • FrammshammFrammshamm Member UncommonPosts: 322
    everything is advanced because ...

    1. Labor is account bound with the ability to stock up 5-10k labor each day in no cooldown labor pots. Day 1 on morpheus I had 160k labor to spend. I was lvl 50 within 4 hours of release.

    2. Archeum is WAY more abundant now, with auroria land being available day 1. 

    3. Base obsidian gear costs basically 1 wisp. With the amount of archeum in the system, it costs almost nothing to craft.

    4. Improved housing nearly triples the chance to craft upgradeable peices. This infuses the economy with many many more crafters. If a weapon costs roughly 80g to craft and you can sell a weapon wisp for 120 ish... why not. 

    5. Wisps are everywhere, making dawnsdrop armor very cheap to craft. Funny enough the largest bottle neck for dawnsdrop is the vocation badges since so much labor is funnneled into crafting whcih yeilds no vocation badges.

    Combine this with the usual amount of whales, and then triple that number since more people are incentivized to pay money since they think that their money will give them a larger advantage since its a fresh server. Add to that the Halloween event with the great new costumes makes people spend WAY more at the outset of the game. I had full celestial obsidian on like day 8 and im only sitting at 4.7k GS on morpheus. There are many with 5k+. Shit I think Anthalon is already being killed.

    Bottom line, the game is MUCH MUCH more fun now that everyone can participate in the economy and the time to gear up is miniscule compared to before. Leaves more time to do what you want to do in the game, be it trade runs, fishing, pvp or blocking bridges.
  • fristiacfristiac Member UncommonPosts: 2
    @Deadlobster , one of the main reasons being changes aimed at a long term basis were put together with server start. The upgraded houses, the majestic trees etc. All worked in accelrating the economy much more than normal.
    Look at above response for faster gear progresssion.
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