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MMO game playable on both PC and Mobile?

GathorGathor Member UncommonPosts: 10
Anyone that know of a MMO game, where you can switch between playing on your Mobile and PC ?

From what I understand  Albion will have this ->  https://albiononline.com/en/news/cross-platform-development  but are there any released game that offer this?


  • MystaMysta Member UncommonPosts: 94
    Not released but Lineage Eternal will have this, I believe.
  • Azaron_NightbladeAzaron_Nightblade Member EpicPosts: 4,827
    Albion Online is the only one I'm aware of atm.

    My SWTOR referral link for those wanting to give the game a try. (Newbies get a welcome package while returning players get a few account upgrades to help with their preferred status.)


  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Member EpicPosts: 3,009
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  • fascismfascism Member UncommonPosts: 413
    Order And Chaos 2
  • MensurMensur Member RarePosts: 940
    fascism said:
    Order And Chaos 2

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  • GathorGathor Member UncommonPosts: 10
    edited September 2015
    Order&Chaos 2  where close to what I'm looking for.  Problem is that if I play an account on Windows-PC I'm not able to play the same account on an Android-PAD.   But it should work on an Windows-PAD I think.  

    What I did like about OC2 tips, is that if I find a MMO game that is playable on Windows-phone it is more likely to find it on android too. Don't know why I did not think about search in that order before. 
  • darkness2468darkness2468 Member UncommonPosts: 47
    Just get bluestacks android emulater you can play totally any android game on your pc, then all you gotta do is pick an mmo :pleased: order and chaos is decent though with a wow them going on.


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