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The Best Online Game Ever :)



  • anastaiaanastaia Member Posts: 55

    The game is god aweful
    there is absolutly one thing Good i can find about this game
    Why people play it?
    is compleatly beyond me::::12::

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  • iveria18iveria18 Member Posts: 123

    Originally posted by anastaia

    The game is god aweful
    there is absolutly one thing Good i can find about this game
    Why people play it?
    is compleatly beyond me::::12::

    is that what rusty said?? or its ur opinion about the game? huh anastaia??

    P2P is good but i need free games :D

  • TrixyTrixy Member UncommonPosts: 7

    mu is a hackers fest, all hackers scammers yu get dc 1 hit kills etc dont play global server......

    have played mu 1 st day it came out ... quit because of hackers... played 2 years later... now its worst lol if thats possible.... hackers yu get dc cause of hackers etc etc waste of time///// garbage game at best lol

  • iveria18iveria18 Member Posts: 123
    what MU did u play??? now all version of MU has full of hackers...i play global and MUkidz and s far so good...i havent encountered any hackers yet..

    P2P is good but i need free games :D

  • SeriadorSeriador Member Posts: 6
    i havent had any problems with the game its actually pretty good { graphic wise } runescape had better game play if u mixed them both together  you would probably get a good mmorpg......................................... maybe   lol
  • p1t05p1t05 Member Posts: 31

    it's a great game


  • guamon8888guamon8888 Member Posts: 3
    I love this game too man. There are barely any hackers now.


  • zura2zura2 Member Posts: 6
    i just don't understand why some people don't like this game. it has the best graphics and music among the games of its class. and its so intuitive, that everyone can play it only after a short explanation. many people here say that in this game you must only kill & kill. i am playing on other servers (which i can't name, because i will be banned) and there you can not only play and kill monsters, but also chat and communicate with other players. on that servers everyone can do quests from the first level up to 350. E.G. yesterday was a little quest: you had to say tene phrases, that make the character do some gestures (e.g. /Rush) and u would get 5 JOLs. also the day before New Year there was a great quest: a party created by DK, DW, ELF and MG (dark lord does not exist on that server) had to help an elf (controlled by the admin or one of the moderators) find its way through a huge number of monsters. you had to go through some checkpoints and the party, which got to the last one got excellent dragon set, excellent guardian set and excellent legendary set +full option for each player. the team, which was the second got two excellent rings+full option per player. oh it was really a great quest. very oftenh when i am in a bad mood, i switch MU and there talking with my friends or making new ones, i really feel veru good. i must say that that serves is the hardest one to play MU, but i think the harder the more interesting. i am playing MU for already 4 months and my DK is only 202 levels. i don't really intend to create a MG. i want to try to do reset with my DK.
    P.S. if anyone wants to tell me something, please write to my e-mail, 'cause i am seldom here
  • choas68choas68 Member Posts: 12
    this game is a little bit boring ill give it a 3/10

  • paranoidpvpparanoidpvp Member Posts: 539
    It would be amazing if it didn't suck! Sorry guys but I just got sick and tired of this game, can you say hackers, hackers, hackers!? Poor graphics, aweful customer support, about 23 different languages packed into one location and now if you want support of any kind it is p2p. People, find yourselves a game with a point instead one of the most basic hack and slash MMOs ever created, storylines are fun!!!


  • bad_omenbad_omen Member Posts: 4

    i like playing this game too... just like diablo 2 (but in diablo you play god mode, he he).

    got my butt kicked in mU when i was starting out especially in pvp servers, i like the trade system and the chaos machine, you can't know for sure what happens when you use that machine, he he... that's the fun part for me.  it's not easy when you start, the fun part is when you're character can hold its own on higher maps. no god mode in here, he he. 

    takes long to level up but sometimes its worth it, duel system is also good, gives you the chance to kick the other character's butt when you're strong enough (payback time, remember me, he he)

    oh, i forgot, i still get my butt kicked every now and then in pvp, my knight is level 300+ now, imagine the other character's level if they can kill my character w/ just 2 combos, wow.

  • ridz16ridz16 Member Posts: 3
    It's a great game, especially when you're just starting out into the mmorpg world. 
    I played this for a few months, about 7-8 months and also tried the private servers heh. I give it a 3/5 overall.

  • DeadfearDeadfear Member Posts: 2

    Ya the game is good for the first part but it definately does get repetative, also there always seems to be some sort of hacker always swinging away at 500 times per second.  Kinda makes me mad since i put good time into lvling up my guy while they take 2 seconds to get the same amount of xp i get in 10 min.

  • andsnakeandsnake Member Posts: 6

    I belive that this game its a bit boring because u are just killing monsters all the time which is really boring when there are only few quests to do.

  • paranoidpvpparanoidpvp Member Posts: 539
    it's not even really free anymore... poor graphics, terrible storyline, negative community. How did this game end up classified as an MMORPG? There is no roleplaying... its just an online game, heh...


  • andsnakeandsnake Member Posts: 6
    There are 3 servers, server maya and wigle are f2p but valhalla server(p2p) got more events, items ... 
  • RaevunRaevun Member Posts: 11

    Pretty poor game. Some idiot is constantly killing all of the enemies near you, so you kill him. He comes back and does it again. You know you can't kill him again because if you do you'll get slaughtered by every high level in the area before you take three steps out of town.

    Massive grind, little fun. The only class I like is the Wizard because the spells look pretty cool. Yep, why ever would you play a Knight over a wizard when all the knight does is swing a weapon? Because the Knight and Elf are both twice as strong as the wizard. Knight has more health, defense, and with any decent weapon his skills do as much or more than the Wizard's best spells. And the Knight's skills don't take 140+ MP. A Wizard is completely powerless when out of mana, a Knight can still dish out great damage and doesn't die in three hits. My level 56 (yes I'm a noob) Knight can kill Ice Queens with some health potions (I've done it,) all the while my level 54 Wizard gets blown away by Elite Yeti. That alone took the fun out of the game.

    The economy is horrible too. If you find one lucky jewel you can buy the best stuff your character can equip. Without that much luck, you can hardly afford one decent +4 item without addition +4, +8, or +12.


  • gonen94gonen94 Member Posts: 35


    Mu in the best game?

    you have try wow? gw?eq2?coh?cov?eve?daoc?aa?

  • paranoidpvpparanoidpvp Member Posts: 539
    gonen is right, mu isn't even worthy of being compared to the games he just listed, and check some of them out, quite a few he mentioned are very good games!


  • gonen94gonen94 Member Posts: 35

    Mu is good game for a free game.

    But its not the best game!

  • AlcananAlcanan Member UncommonPosts: 268

    Well to say MU is the best game ever is kind of a stretch...It was fun for a while but the over all community killed the game for me personally. Alot of rude players and way to much hacking when I played. I did like the game play for the first 40 lvl's or so... It is a good game to play if you don't have alot of time to spend playing and just want to go kill stuff for awhile....


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  • hugotomashugotomas Member Posts: 3
    Mu Online is the best game ever... I love MU... it is so fantastic... i love it very mutch.


  • DsO™DsO™ Member Posts: 2
    Mu is a fun game but iwouldn't mind some graphic improvment... ;]

  • ImersioNImersioN Member Posts: 53


    i dont play it anymore for reasons not because it's bad cant explain etc.

    but its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i think i was lvl 250+ or watever and items are the best its so cool!!!!!!

    but havent played in awhile maybe ill make new account dunno


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